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April 2017 Malawi to South Africa

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April 2017 Malawi to South Africa


I'm currently seeking some a riding companion or two for a journey from Malawi to South Africa. I plan to take a few months to ride from Malawi to Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and finally SA for a few months, following a leisurely pace to allow for more conversation and openness with those around. Looking to camp, enjoy the ride and take in the sights. Let me know if you're interested! I'm fairly new to the touring world and am certainly open to any advice you may have as well.


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Mawali to SA

I am interested in touring the same areas - and the timing dovetails well with my calendar. I have done a bit of bike traveling but never in Africa. I am a frugal cyclist, typically camping or visiting with Warmshowers hosts but I am open to other options. I enjoy people and I am a wannabe photographer�. I am not a fast cyclist but I am been known to pick up my pace if there is a promise of a glazed donut or a cold beer at the end of the ride.
It too early for me to apply for a visa and buy a plane ticket, but keep me in mind as someone who is "interested".

Dave Madsen

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Hi Sophia,

I have never been in Africa, but it sounds like agood idea to me. I have cycled around europe until now. I have lived in The Philippines.
I am exited to explore different parts of the world. I think it will be more fum with somene like you, who lives in Africa.



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Hi Sophia :) your route sounds interesting! I was thinking similar route but different timing, starting december but i guess it will be full on raining season then. Now being from belgium i'm used to some rain but still can't say i like it ;) So yeah i might postpone it till later. Would be cool to do this trip (partly) together if you're plans are still on. Ciao Sophie

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From south Africa to North...whichever route...!

Hello Sophia!
I am in SA(South Africa) right now and i am getting 'organized' to cycle to North...
I would like to be part of this group ... interesting things may come out!
Have you ever cycled in Africa before? I wonder also if there are always routes to cross from country to country and get visa on the border!
Let's keep in contact through this forum.
Thank you!