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Low on money but A LOT of requests

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Low on money but A LOT of requests

Hi there fellow cyclists!
I have a bit of a dilemma and hope to hear some opinions. I recently moved from the Netherlands to Sweden and since I am the only host here in this area I get a lot of requests. I love to host people and I've always welcomed people with dinner, breakfast, I love to make people feel comfortable. But at the moment I'm really low on money, nothing to worry about, but we're fixing up an old place and every Penny I'm earning goes to this project. So I cannot really afford to feed so many people. We live pretty remote so people can't go to 'the shop around the corner' that's a bit of a ride. I'm about to put my profile on unavailable cause I cannot give people what I want to give them. But at the same time, when I was cycling, I often got food from hosts but always brought my own and was happy to cook for them or share food. I was grateful for the experience, no matter if that included food or not. What would you guys do? I really love hosting all you guys but at the moment I just can't afford feeding everyone that wants to stay here. Hope to hear from you!

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You're the host, you set the

You're the host, you set the rules for guests in your house. Unfortunately a lot of guests don't read the profiles of their prospective hosts and a considerable number seem to feel entitled to full board (meals included) by default - that's a bad combination of factors if you're in a remote area and offering only a place to put one's head down. If you still want to host you could mention that guests need to provide their own food during their stay in your profile, and tell them in order to get a positive response they must cut and paste 'I understand I will need to be self sufficient during my stay in Marlieke's house' into the subject line of their request in order to demonstrate that they understand this. If they don't do this you just reply telling them you'd like to host them but they need to read your profile first.

Unfortunately, without taking measures like these it will be only a matter of time before some hungry cyclist with no food lands on your doorstep.

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You can't give what you don't have

You can't give what you don't have. You may be the kind of person who loves to give but you also need to be realistic. If you simply don't have the resources to feed cyclists but still like to host, then just update your profile to reflect the fact that you can't feed anyone. Even if you're somewhat remote, cyclists can still plan and stock up on non-perishable food along the way if they know they won't be catered to at your home. We regularly stocked up for our Sundays in Germany and Austria since the grocery stores were closed on Sundays. We carried the extra food with us for the entire day and it wasn't a big issue.

If any cyclist has an issue with this then maybe they're not the types you want to host in the first place? There are as many ways to host cyclists as there are hosts and none of us are a guaranteed source of free food. There is no right or wrong way but whatever it is, it should be made clear in the profile and during your communications with the guests.


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Just post it in you profile.

Just post it in you profile. I think most people will understand. What you typed i also have lot of times enough food with me and even share the food. If it is really remote and you are the only one i will be still thankfull for a shower even if that is the only thing you can offer. I think it is a little bit "strange" to knock on your door with no food in my stomach. IF that would happen i would have made a big miss calculation in cycling days. i will not say it can not happen. But if that would happen it would be a emergency .... and i would knock on a door or stop a car to ask for some food or water, if there is a car of house passing me. If you are living Really Really realy remote and quite often cyclist would knock on your door in a emergency. I would jsut buy some cans with tomato ketchup and some pasta and just be honest and ask the shop price for it. And if some body knocks on you door really with nothing no food no money ect... it is up to you. i would just share my food with him. like alot of people in the world do. they have not so much and still try to give all the have to you. Not saying you need to do that but jsut saying... .... Just be honest, explain and just be you. have fun with fixing up your old place, don't put every penny in it, eat good food, is imported for the joy;-) peace

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I am in the same position as

I am in the same position as you are except that there are places to get food fairly close by. I have stopped offering supper and now make a very basic breakfast with things that I have bought on sale. I do not think that you need to apologize for not being financially able to host as you would like to. Every time I get a request I have to remember my resolve to not feel like I have to make a meal. I was finding it very stressful to cook for people that I don't know with very little cash to spend. In any case, keep in mind that others are doing the same as you - hosting for the love of hospitality in spite of their situation. I try to remember that there are wonderful people in places where they truly have very little in terms of salary or access to food who are hosting just the same as I am and they wouldn't think of turning someone down. All the best!

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You make the rules! And made it clear.

A SELF-CONTAINED bicycle traveler or tourer like me whom request a PLACE to stay and A WARMSHOWERS and grateful to the host. I always have food and will bring to the table with my hosts. My hosts will informed me if they are expecting me for dinners and or breakfasts or taking me out or I'll be on my own. If they did not mention food, I always offered my food if I eat inside their house. Most of my hosts tell me exactly what to expect. And if I stay more than two days, inoffered to cook Thai dishes on third day. It's RECIPROCAL. You as a host should made clear in your profile what you are offers. This is a Warmshowers NOT Bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner! Unless the hosts offered. I ALWAYS have food with me. I am grateful just a place to stay and Warmshowers and friendship and stories we've shared. I also offered to vacuum the house , doing the garden, walk the dog, etc....! I often let them know, they are invited for dinner and breakfast and the rest, they are on their own. Or I just say, please helping yourself to use my kitchen to cook your own food, etc... Simple!

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No worries, just tell people

No worries, just tell people who ask to stay with you, from their request, let them know that you can offer them "only" a roof, and, of course, conviviality ! It's better than nothing! When you're traveling, you're always happy to meet someone who wish to share time with you, This is one of tue best reason to travel! :)

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Thanks a lot all of you! You guys made me feel confident again to keep hosting but make it clear in my profile and the email conversations that they should bring some food so we can share a meal together. Jeej!

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Providing meals...

The issue of food had occurred to me for similar reasons brought up by Marlieke, so I'm also grateful for the comments by other members who echo my conclusions, cycle tourers should not EXPECT all their needs to be catered for, especially if staying longer than 1 night! Having myself cycle-toured extensively in the UK, Ireland & Europe long before the advent of hosting sites, I always carried all I needed to survive (tent, sleeping bag etc...) & enough food for at least 2 or more days especially when heading into remote areas; water & to ask permission to camp were often the only reasons to knock on someone's door, which sometimes resulted in offers of bed & breakfast especially in remote areas of Ireland! As in life in general, people should be grateful for whatever total strangers provide, unfortunately we live in an age where many have unreasonable expectations, & the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointments when the former don't materialise...

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Well said, Gerry! Thanks for your contribution. Keep well.

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Re conclusion

@ Sirapon Soinak: Thank-you very much for your response to my contribution, always nice to be appreciated! Keep well too.

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on a budget / food

Like Paul says " your house your rules" but it is also mentioned that some bikers do not read profiles as well as they should. I begin my profile with a disclaimer to be sure to read all the way through and in it ask for an acknowledge that they have. If there is no mention of reading through my entire profile with the first request, I prompt them either by email , text or phone call to make sure they do.

Cooking a real meal for a hungry road weary guest (s) is one of the most enjoyable parts of hosting for me. Even though this year, my food budget is a bit more restricted than it has been in the past, i do prioritize preparing a meal that is balanced and to the guests tastes, plus can provide some leftovers for me after they have pedaled on down the road.