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Contact search with filter

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Contact search with filter


I am cycling with my family.
I need contacts who accept at least four persons. The best would even be that they accept that we put our tent in the garden.

Mots of Warm Shower contacts accept only 1 or two persons. So my question is if I could make a contact research applying a filter in order to limit the profiles to check!

Thank you


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Same problem here

Same problem here! i tried adding some wolrds in the filter but I didn't find the key word..
place:'Nantes' province:'Pays de la Loire' lat:47.21725 lng:-1.55336 people:4

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Unfortunately no, it's not

Unfortunately no, it's not possible to search profile data beyond email, name, and location. Filtering through the map and list searches has been on the to do list for some time (eg:
but it's still a work in progress.

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My place is comfortable for a

My place is comfortable for a couple or for two people that do not mind sleeping on the same bed. So that is why I write max 2 persons. But that is not an absolute maximum. I have welcomed a couple with a small child. And I would be fine with a bunch of people camping in the garden. I suppose it is like that for others too. Just try and ask.

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Indeed it is very often

Indeed it is very often flexible. But i think these filters would be nice, for example some hosts can offer only a garden to put a tent; but the travelers who don't have a tent would like to see only the hosts offering a bed;
My parents hosted 9 travelers with kids this summer, I guess it was a bit difficult for them to find a host who could host so many people...
But it is nice to know that this will be improved soon :)

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Too rigid

The current system whereby a host must choose a set number of guests is too rigid as it doesn't allow hosts to indicate whether they're flexible or not when it comes to numbers other than to say so in their profile, which it would appear not all guests read in any case... A simple solution would be not to have a "maximum" number with a pull down list from 1 to 5 or more, but to let people enter what is appropriate in their case, same as they can do in the other boxes in "member information"; I would also suggest that this information could appear in the box that pops up when one hovers over a member on the map, which would negate the need for a filter if that's too complicated to do...

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