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Europe and Asia 2017

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Europe and Asia 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a bike tour across Europe and Asia via the southern silk road after I graduate from college in December 2016. I would like to start riding from Amsterdam sometime in June 2017, but I'm very flexible with dates and the route itself. For example, I'm open to ride either along eurovelo 6 or eurovelo 13 to get to turkey. Message me if you're interested in coordinating with me at some point of your trip. I ride on average with a pace of 80 km per day. For accommodations I will primarily be camping and using warm-showers. I prefer to prepare and cook most meals. In addition to scenic views, I'm also interested in exploring cities and learning about history and culture.

Safe Travels,

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Europe and Asia 2017

Hello Melisa and everyone

I'm planing a bike tour across Europe India and Asia, start in March/April 2017. I'm very flexibele with route too, and I like to start between beginn of March and beginn of April. Start in Switzerland my home. I like to be camping, couch-surfing, and using warm-showers. I prefer to prepare and cook most meals too. I'm a good cooker:) On my last short tour, 2 weeks I ride 70-150km per Day, in average 100/110km.
I'm interested to ride some km together. I'm interested at nature and learning about culture.
I'm looking forward to listen from you

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Hi Sebastian - I''m planning

Hi Sebastian - I''m planning on a trip leaving mid May 2017 from Georgia to China... does this fit with your plans at all?

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same direction...

Hallo Melisa,
i will start at around 25.3.2017 from Germany to Indonesia for 12 month-ride. we can meet us ore go a part together if you like.

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Ride Morocco to Asia

Hi Melisa
I just posted something similar to yours...check it out. Which nationality are you and where are you from? Age? I dont know if we would be a good match because I would be wanting to go more like 50 to 60km/day.
Just reachin out anyway.....

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Cycling companions

I was reading through the responses to the original post. I don't ride as far as I used to in a day anymore. I'm intrigued by your ride. Morocco to Asia. I have Central Asia on my radar also. But I'm trying to get the timing right. I don't want to cycle in a cold climate and it seems Asia at the end of the year would be cold. Northern hemisphere and all. I'm thinking about Australia or some place warm until spring. Then going to Asia. I also prefer to cook my own meals and camp, warm showers, couch surfing etc. at the moment I'm on the Trans Am. In a church in western Kansas. Luvin it. Check me out on Warm Showers.

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Hey M!

I am in India and is someone who is simply passionate about biking. I have explored parts of India and would love to explore more and more. So if you have plans to enter India, we can tag along. Would love to show you the India, the way I see it as. And if you drop by closer to my city, you are always welcomed to stay at my place.

Cheers! KP

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going to Oz

Hello Melisa, we are planning to leave Barcelona in December, going to Italy for few weeks and then Balcan, Turkey, Turkmenistan etc, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Oz. we are not sure of the exact route yet but are working on it as well as organizing visas. On our first Europe tour we were riding between 40/60/80km a day, being nearly winter the days were really getting short. Not sure how many km we will ride depends from the roads. We also cook nearly all our meals. Maybe we can keep in touch and also share tips about visas etc? We are still working on it so any tips helps! Which bike will you ride? We chose the VSF TX400.


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Hi Melisa & all - I am

Hi Melisa & all - I am planning a trip going form Georgia to China through Iran and the 'Stans from mid-May 2017 onwards. Does this fit with your plans at all?

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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately my trip has been delayed by a couple of months. I'll post an update of my route and dates once I have them.

Good luck with all your adventures!