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Providing feedback

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Providing feedback

A user interface improvement request, should be easy enough to do...

This section I think should be reworded from this:-

Feedback is for *

[ ] Guest
[ ] Host
[ ] Met Traveling
[ ] Other

To this:-

Feedback for: *

[ ] I was a guest of NAMEHERE
[ ] I hosted NAMEHERE
[ ] I met NAMEHERE traveling
[ ] Other feedback for NAMEHERE

This way the options are much more explicit.

Failing that you could also have:-

Feedback for *

[ ] My guest
[ ] My host
[ ] Met Traveling
[ ] Other

Either way I could understand people misunderstanding the guest/host options as to whether they're providing feedback for "the host" or "being the host" and the same with the guest option.

Hope that helps!

Thanks again,

-- Dan.

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Good point, that's always

Good point, that's always struck me as a bit cryptic and while most people seem to get it, I have encountered enough incorrectly marked feedback to convince me that it is confusing some members.

Of course this information (along with the date) is no longer displayed on the feedback tab since the last Drupal upgrade, when it is displayed again (I hope that it will be) a rewording would also be useful along the lines set out in this post:

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"Member field is required" error message

Trying to add a feedback about a guest, I get the error message : "Member field is required."
Could not find out what field this message is about !

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"Providing feedback" - Hosts reluctant (!)

Given the title of this thread, I 'd like to begin a discussion of " Why Hosts provide No FB".

Most recently, I reminded two hosts that they had provided no FB for our stay with them. Both says had been at least " satisfactory" from our PoV, and I presumed from theirs too. Anyway. Both reacted to my [ gentle] reminder with undeniable irritation (!). FWIW both were Gen Y's and had no FB themselves before us....

Anyway, i have noticed this as a [to me ,bizarre ], phenomenon : I now have several Hosts in my FB who have given no FB to me, or **anybody else** [ n = ~6 each ] . In my cases, the Stays were warm and pleasant face-to-face, but they simply have ignored my several "reminders" to give me FB at my Profile.

Of course, I can understand that Hosts may be reluctant to give less than Positive FB, but there is more than that to consider...

IMO there are two factors : the FB button is tricky to find...BUT also : there is a general misunderstanding of the importance of FB....

What to do ? ( FWIW : I notice AirBnB et all think seriously of FB ..)

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There is not always much to

There is not always much to say. For example, if the guest arrived late, went to bed and left early. Or when we did not really talk much because of language barriers.

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Recent Encounters

From a recent trip to Europe, I left feedback 6 times. I only received feedback myself once. Age didn't matter.

I hosted 5 cyclists this week. All young. So far, I have only received feedback from 1.

I think WS maybe needs to instigate a "nudge" button. And maybe we need to have new members check an "agreement box" that they understand giving feedback is necessary. I will bring this up to the Board at our meeting tomorrow.

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Aways something to say

Basically, were they neat and respectful? Would you host them again? This is what you are communicating to the community by leaving feedback.

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Exactly, Ken ...

As usual, Ken gets the point.... Ken is much more tolerant than me ;

I told a recent Host ( who declined to give me FB ! , despite an amicable visit !!), if i'd known FB would be so difficult for her, I would not have asked to stay in the First Place :( .

People will say " that's a high bar.." but I believe WS is too important to be left to casual moods and whims.

For myself, I like to give FB at the very first contact : is the Request easy to understand ? Is there any response to my own Request ? is the Response to my request enthusiastic ? ( you can always Edit later if necessary....)

And for my last trip, I made a point of giving FB to my Hosts as the very last thing I would use their WiFi for - why wait ?

Fraternally / Fish ( longest serving WS in Australia, since 1998 !)

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