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Let us start a feedback campaign

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Let us start a feedback campaign

I am tired of getting no feedback... we of course have got some. But so many just go without a word in feedback. It is valuable way to evaluate whether a host or guest is good or not.

I added following to my profile. I suggest other hosts to copy this and starting a campaign to make a feedback more effective way in this community:

Nowadays we host only those cyclists who have left feedback for their previous hosts. Too many cyclists just disappear without giving any feedback. If you have got feedback from your host, please give feedback. Let's keep this community alive and safe. If you haven't got any feedback we may host you however.

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I agree feedback is very important

I think everyone host and guest should provide feedback for each WS encounter. I have faithfully done that for many years even to the point of making sure that if two people are traveling together that I do on both their pages since their next trip might be solo.

I am not ready to state ' no feedback no stay' because i would have missed some great people that way. But I will continue to urge feedback in my profile page. Plus in person conversations while here has resulted in people generating feedback for past hosts while they were here.

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My point is when you are

My point is when you are using warmshoweers, you should.give feedback. Getting fedback to get hosted by me is not necessary.

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"Let's keep this community

"Let's keep this community alive and safe."

Was WarmShowers not alive and safe a few years ago when it didn’t even have a feedback system? There are hospitality exchange communities that are just lists of names and phone numbers, without feedback, like WarmShowers was once. I don’t believe they are significantly less safe than networks that have elaborate profiles and feedback. In any event, the great thing about WS’s feedback system is that it is completely optional, and many travelers would prefer not to leave feedback for other members who already have a bare minimum of feedback on their profiles. To me, for example, it feels awkward to rate people I would consider friends.

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According to the FAQ

According to the FAQ providing feedback is not optional. It's listed as one of the obligations of both the host and guest.

I don't agree with the rule but I abide by it. I feel that feedback starts to become superficial and not very personal when it's mandatory.


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"According to the FAQ

"According to the FAQ providing feedback is not optional."

If I recall correctly (and Ken, correct me if I'm wrong), Ken Francis, a WS board member, has stated here that feedback is not obligatory, just encouraged. In any event, only a minority of WS users have ever read the FAQ, and an enormous amount of interactions here never get feedback, so if it were a rule, it would be so unheeded as to be irrelevant.

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Mandatory Feedback

There is no way to make feedback mandatory. This is not like AirBnB where you make a confirmed reservation. Nothing is confirmed here. Some hosts prefer contact over the phone and there is no trail of contact/hospitality exchange on the site. This is why it can not be mandatory.


You can put it in your profile that you want feedback, but that might not work either. My profile states that I only accept guests with a profile picture. This doesn't stop people from still contacting me.

I do lecture all my guests about the importance of leaving feedback. And I give feedback (with pictures) to all my guests. But I still do not get feedback 100% of the time (maybe 90% I do). So the important thing is to let guests know that feedback is not just a personal thing, but necessary in the WS community!

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