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First Visitor is a No-Show!

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First Visitor is a No-Show!

I spent a lot of time preparing food, and preparing my home, for my first warmshowers visitor. I was very disappointed (and angry) when he and his friend didn't show up, and didn't bother to call me either.

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People can let us down

It can happen. And, I hasten to point out, the failure can also be on the part of the host -- when a cyclist contacts the host and the host doesn't reply at all. Either way, it's disappointing and disillusioning regarding the wonderful world of bicycle touring. I just want to assure you that in the many years I've been on the WSL, that kind of thing has not befallen me. Far from being bad guests, I find bike tourists are way more reliable as to considerateness and generosity than the general population. Please don't dismiss cyclists or the WSL because of this bad experience. And, quite possibly the cyclist's failure to contact you might have been the result of a mishap that kept him from being able to take care of such obligations.

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Recommendations: - don't be


- don't be in a position to have to prepare. You are not a B&B

- keep it simple

- print a list of things for them to chase when they get to your place. WiFi passwords, simple maps, restaurants, hours for grocery stores, cofé locations, etc.

- print out instructions for laundry or shower, things that might need explanation

- don't expect people to have active communications. Cell costs for myself in Europe (I just got back yesterday from a 72 day European tour, 5 countries), were crazy stupid, even with a package. I can't buy a European simm card for my iPhone without incurring huge costs here in North America. So, reliant upon WiFi, which even in B&B's can be sketchy.

Best position is to have something ready that you can throw together in 10 minutes, if that. Cycle tourists are self sufficient, and a loaf of bread with cheese is often sufficient. Of course, if you are offering more, then have some pasta available, etc. Make it easy on yourself. Things happen in the field, and it's not always easy to contact a planned host. I had 3 flat tires in one morning alone. I couldn't get picked up because of the highway and the attitude of the locals, and I almost never got out of there. If they don't contact you within a couple of days, then I'd email them back and ask why. Then post a review here. But don't be too hard on people that run into problems.

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Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and encouragement.

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who can blame you

Who can blame you Ann but dont let it put you off just because of two rude ignorant idiots,You probably would not want in your home anyway.We hosted for the first time at the begining of august and found it a rewarding experience. There is alot of genuine cycle tourist out there that will be glad
and gratefull for your kindness please focus on that and report those two
so others dont fall foul of their ungratefull behaviour.Or try to contact them
for a explaination if none comes back then the above applies.

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In the future it might be

In the future it might be wise to not prepare any food until someone is actually at your house. There's no telling why they didn't show up. Things on the road can get weird and you have to go with the flow.

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No shows

I have been a host for 4 years and have only been available for four couples and probably that many again have not been able to stay due to various misadventures and mechanical failures. While it is commendable to make a huge effort, most of our guests have been low impact with very little requirements. Chin up, your next guests aren't that far away.

All the best
From the Horton's nest

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Keep it simple

I have to agree that you really must keep it simple and flexible. Touring is a chaotic undertaking, especially self supported touring. You can find yourself in all sorts of difficulties and as a bike tourist you have to accept changes in plans as they come. The same goes for hosting. On the road a big meal is never expected although it is always welcome. Absolutely keep it to something you can prepare quickly and easily.

After several days on the road without a shower, flat tires, mechanical problems, meals that may be scrounged from a small under stocked grocery store etc. Just having a warm welcome and a place to clean up and take some shelter is more than enough.

Don't feel like you must provide hotel services and limit your expectations as well. After 1.5 years on the road touring the world and having stayed with dozens of hosts I can tell you that absolutely every experience is completely different but they have all been positive. Maybe because the most we expect is shelter and a friendly face.

It's hard to say what might have happened to your guests and you deserved a follow up call for sure but remember it's chaos on the road sometimes and it can be a constant struggle depending on distances, gear and weather, just to keep going, finding shelter, managing the gear, working out cooking and going the distance. We have never had a bad experience ourselves with Warmshowers and I'm sorry you experienced disappointment your first time hosting. I doubt you will have a negative experience again.

Best of luck and happy hosting!


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