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Transamerica Tour August to End of October.

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Transamerica Tour August to End of October.

Hi all.

I'm currently in the beginning of my cross country tour across the USA and while riding solo is nice for the mileage it can get a bit boring.

About me,
27 year old male. First long distance tour - I usually had just done weekend trips.

About the trip,
West to East
Route- northern USA but random stops along the way. The major ones are as follows,
Boise Idaho, Grand Teton Park, Badlands, Cedar falls Iowa, Urbana Illinois
Camping/Warmshowers most nights, hotels if need be.
Average daily distance -60 miles

Started in Seattle, but wanted to do a proper ocean to ocean tour so rode out to the coast and then back to Seattle. I'm currently in Yakima WA and will continue southeast over into Oregon.

I have given myself until the end of October to get to the Atlantic. I'm not sure exactly where I'd make the final stop but somewhere between Portland Maine and NJ is my best guess.

If anyone is making a similar journey or even if we'll just overlap for a few days and you're looking for sometime to ride with let me know!