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around Italy in september/october 2016

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around Italy in september/october 2016

Hello cyclists :)

I am thinking about cycling around Italy (or maybe Croatia) for around 2-3weeks. Earliest start is 10th of september..
I have just a usual trekking bike and don´t want to cycle not more than 110km a day.. Depends what to see on the way.
I prefer to sleep in simple hotels, a tent or warmshowers . And in a country, which such great food I don´t think about cooking on a camping stove.. ;)

Somebody wants to join me? Until now the plan is not fixed, so we can think about it together
Bye, Eli

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Croatia and Italy

Hey Eli,

I'll also be cycling in Croatia and Italy in September. Actually, I'll be cyling in Croatia early september , then take the ferry from split around the 18th to Italy (south east) and cycle from there. No plan yet, but I'd like to pass by Rome and reach west coast then cycle north in the direction of French border. time and places are very flexible.

maybe we can stay in touch and we'll probably have more or less a plan closer to the trour date.


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Hey Eli and Salma!

Hey Eli and Salma!
I am planning my tour at the moment as well. I'll be starting either from novi vindolski (croatia) or trieste on the 10th of september, then i would like to cross italy some way, haven't found a route yet and head through france to end my trip in spain. Would love to connect for some part of the trip! So far i am riding alone :)

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Cycle touring italy and croatia

Hey Mary,

I'm currently still trying to plan my first part of the trip (munich to split).. so nothing is fixed yet for after that. but I know that I will start from south of Italy, maybe Ancona and try to get to Rome then join the coast again on the north west side. I will leave Croatia on a ferry around the 18th of September. So if you're starting on the 10th, I think it'll be a challenge to catch up with you .. depends on whether you spend time exploring or just cycle through.

Anyway, would be cool to share experience anyway and keep each other updated.

Cheers !

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Leaving bike boxes in Rome

Hey Elisabeth,

I hope your bike trip is fun so far.
I have a question that is a little bit off topic, but I though since you've been cycling in Italy so far, you might have an answer.
My boyfriend and me, we will fly into Rome on the 27th of September. We want to travel south Italy by bike. We will take our bikes on the plane in big boxes and need to leave them somewhere during our travles (We fly back on the 12th of Oct.) Did you also fly with your bike? Do you know any place we could leave the boxes at during the time of our trip? Any help/tip/recommendation is greatly appreciated!