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New format

I'm about to travel through a state that I've never been thru before. What good does it do me to get an alphabetical listing of the hosts?. I need an alphabetical listing of the towns that are in that state, I use this site while I'm on the road and do not have time to sit and enter every town I think I'm going to go through and hope to find somebody. I need to know how much advanced notice the host requires, then if I find a match on those two points...........then I read the bio. Can someone help me?

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I just got back from my trip

I just got back from my trip in Europe and wanted to help out with the new functionality, etc. I'm still not sure what language this is written in. Then recently I saw it was "updated". To be honest, not much new, and functionality hasn't changed much, if at all.

Doesn't look like a proper export is doable. Seems you have to be a couple of days in advance, and get access to Wifi, to get into this site.


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Re: New Format - searching for hosts

Hello Daniel,

You can do a search on the site by state, then, when the results are on screen, you can download a comma separated values file of those results that will open in a spreadsheet.

The results are automatically sorted by city though that might not be clear at first glance; the "City" is listed in column "O" so you'll have to scroll over to the right to see it.

Because this is a spreadsheet you will be able to sort on any of the columns, rearrange the columns to your liking, and all the other kinds of fun you can have with a spreadsheet.

I hope this helps.


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