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New format

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New format

I'm about to travel through a state that I've never been thru before. What good does it do me to get an alphabetical listing of the hosts?. I need an alphabetical listing of the towns that are in that state, I use this site while I'm on the road and do not have time to sit and enter every town I think I'm going to go through and hope to find somebody. I need to know how much advanced notice the host requires, then if I find a match on those two points...........then I read the bio. Can someone help me?

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I just got back from my trip

I just got back from my trip in Europe and wanted to help out with the new functionality, etc. I'm still not sure what language this is written in. Then recently I saw it was "updated". To be honest, not much new, and functionality hasn't changed much, if at all.

Doesn't look like a proper export is doable. Seems you have to be a couple of days in advance, and get access to Wifi, to get into this site.


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Re: New Format - searching for hosts

Hello Daniel,

You can do a search on the site by state, then, when the results are on screen, you can download a comma separated values file of those results that will open in a spreadsheet.

The results are automatically sorted by city though that might not be clear at first glance; the "City" is listed in column "O" so you'll have to scroll over to the right to see it.

Because this is a spreadsheet you will be able to sort on any of the columns, rearrange the columns to your liking, and all the other kinds of fun you can have with a spreadsheet.

I hope this helps.


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Video explanation of search capabilities

There are a couple of videos that may help you.

This this quick one, which is just about the search capabilities,

or the intro to the new design, at

Most people look with the map, as they don't know what city names are actually useful.