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Amsterdam - Berlin

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Amsterdam - Berlin

Hello!! I will arrive tomorrow to Amsterdam and it would be great to share the road with someone for a while. I am heading north and then to Berlin. Anyone in this road???

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Just made this tour - bad timing


Best of luck with this tour - I have just made this trip, and I finished a few days ago. I'm now here in Berlin relaxing after the trip across from Amsterdam. What a shame, it would have been nice to ride with a companion for a while.

The good news is: if you are looking for hosts for the way across, I have had an exceptional experience staying with wonderful people all the way across. Everyone was great, and the route is not too intense, the hills only seemed to crop up not far from Hannover.

Do you plan to follow the R1?


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Oh no!

Bad timing is always the problem.... I started actually in England so it could have worked. I am still in Amsterdam, going nirth to take the F1, probabbly most of the way.

Thanks for your message!!

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