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Disappointed with guest.

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Disappointed with guest.

Have you ever had anyone come to stay and they haven't bothered to write a review, even though you are fairly sure they have no reason to feel negative about their experience. In fact you think the reason is that they are just lazy because you know they were going directly from your place to their own home within a matter of days so no longer need good reviews.

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I also find it a bit

I also find it a bit disappointing when guests do not write their feedback message. One guest especially: he was on a very long tour, had several references, but wrote almost none. And when he was at my place, he spent the whole evening writing postcards to friends back home.

But I have started to care less. Often I will wait until they write. Unless it is the first reference for a complete newbie.

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Not sure why

Most of my guests did give feedback, but some very interesting and friendly guests didn't. I'm not sure why. It's a small effort, even while traveling. It wasn't because they were approaching home and no longer needed good feedback, on the contrary. And I always give feedback.

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Andrea, you’ve already got

Andrea, you’ve already got references showing that you are safe to stay with, and that you have contributed to the community as a host. Why is it so absolutely vital that you get more feedback? As I mentioned elsewhere, feedback is not for showing appreciation, it’s a purported safety feature. If a member with positive references suddenly becomes unsafe to interact with, then leaving feedback for him/her can warn the community. As it is, leaving feedback for you would feel superfluous for a lot of travelers.

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I like to see recent

I like to see recent references, that a host is still active. That is informative to the community, it will encourage other cyclists to request a stay.

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You can't tell me that

You can't tell me that feedback is not a sign of appreciation even if that is not its main purpose.

Christopher it sounds like you may be one of those people who justify the case against because you are casual about leaving feedback yourself. I am finding that people who don't leave feedback are inclined to make these sorts of justifications.

Hosts like to receive feedback from guests. As a host, an absence of feedback feels like lack of appreciation. When i get to be a guest, hopefully soon, I would never not give feedback.

How would you feel if you cooked a lovely meal for someone and they didn't bother to thank you for it. That's how I feel.

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"I am finding that people who

"I am finding that people who don't leave feedback are inclined to make these sorts of justifications."

It's the other way around. Because I have considered at length the value of feedback systems, based on my experience in multiple hospex communities (and also looking at hospex through the lens of Deleuze and Guattari), I prefer to avoid involvement with the feedback system here.

"Hosts like to receive feedback from guests. As a host, an absence of feedback feels like lack of appreciation."

Hosts who don’t understand why feedback was introduced into WarmShowers, sure. But I’m a host – I host more than I use the network when traveling – and it doesn’t bother me at all that my guests don’t leave me (or most of their other hosts) feedback. In fact, I’m very happy at that, there’s also no pressure for me to leave feedback for my guests, which I find irksome. My guests sending me a thank-you message at some point later in their trip is sufficient to show they were grateful for what I provided.

"How would you feel if you cooked a lovely meal for someone and they didn't bother to thank you for it. That's how I feel."

You need to mention your demands very clearly on your profile. You are putting guests in a very unfair position, where they may be extremely polite and express their gratitude when they are in their home, and they may even express gratitude afterwards through correspondence, but because they don’t use the feedback system in the way you expect, you label them ungrateful.

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Guests who would make the

"Agreed: Duty to community
Yes, it is the duty of every host (and guest) to leave feedback for every hosting experience. The vast majority of the time this is going to be positive, but when it's negative it's not about being polite, it's about protecting the rest of the community. The only way we can handle this number of members is for the community to police itself, and feedback is the way that happens.

If you're afraid of retaliatory or tit-for-tat feedback, please let us know if it happens. We don't allow it and we'll remove or moderate it.

More questions about feedback? See the FAQ.

Thanks to all of you for taking care of our incredible community.

-Randy Fay Webmaster"

Copied from the thread how to be a good guest.

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Randy wrote that of his own

Randy wrote that of his own initiative, but he's no longer working on the site, and a WS board member on another thread has already stated that feedback is not obligatory, just strongly encouraged from his part.

If you sought to make feedback truly mandatory on WarmShowers, you would have to somehow penalize all of my guests but one, and they were such a pleasure to host, why would you want to deny me those experiences? (In fact, considering that some of these guests host themselves, penalizing them would potentially drive them away from hosting, damaging the community.) I’d say the burden is on you to write your profile in such a way that guests understand they have to leave feedback, and cyclists can choose to avoid staying with you if they perceive you are curmudgeonly about this.

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Feedback is a way of communicating with the community

I had a wonderful couple from Amsterdam stay with us in Long Beach California last year. We had a great time together. I took them kayaking and we had a sort of warm showers party in the evening. They never left me any feedback.

Here it is, one year later, and I am staying with them in Amsterdam for 3 nights!

This is a great community. Not receiving feedback is certainly nothing to be upset over. If you do not have much feedback, and would like to have some added to your profile, you can certainly write your former guests and request it and tell them why.

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feedback not given

I enjoy getting feedback and in my profile clearly state that I will give feedback to each guest and expect them to provide it for me in a " timely manner" I would say about between half and 2/3 of my guests have over the years.
I did have one odd lack of feedback experience this season. Two young men stayed with me for 2 nights, they were 2/3 of the way across the USA west to east, and had provided good well thought out feedback to the prior host, so i expected them to provide some for me also.
But they have not provided any and it has been a month, plus they have stopped providing feedback for hosts on down line. Makes me wonder why they stopped their feedback giving. They both wrote nice notes in my guest book. and were very appreciative of their time here.

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