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Cycling around Ireland

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Cycling around Ireland


I am really interested in cycling around Ireland , probably early May/June in 2017. I am looking at starting from Dublin and wondered if anyone could recommend any good cycling routes?

I am also not fixed on a Dublin start, so if their is a better start place i can consider that. Any recommendations please let me know.

I will probably do this with a friend but if anyone is interested let me know, more than happy for someone to join☺

Thanks for your help

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Cycling Ireland

G'day Rachael. Cycling Sandi from Tasmania here. I've toured Ireland twice now 2012/14 and can only say it doesn't matter where you start from or what direction you take. The whole country is beautiful, the people wonderful, the Guinness fantastic, the weather challenging at times but there are plenty of B&B and small village hotels to shelter in, Warm Shower hosts a plenty and welcoming, minor roads preferred for cycling although most B roads also okay, the food filling (bacon steak with cabbage and potato mash a must try), the west coast breath taking views on a clear day, plenty of wild camping options (referred to as Ninja Camping) and finally, don't ask an Irishman for directions as they are a lost race. Only joking. If you need any WS host recommendations don't hesitate to ask me. Enjoy the Emerald Isle Rachael. Regards, Cycling Sandi.

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