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Los Angeles to Ushuaia

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Los Angeles to Ushuaia

Hi all,

I am an ex road racer who discovered the beauty of bike touring just two years ago. For now I just did some smaller trips from Munich to Verona, Nice to Rome and around Cuba, but I am planning now a big one from Los Angeles to Ushuaia. Start at the end of November.

I am 29 years old German, open minded, easygoing and love to socialise. I worked in the bike industry for some time and usually travel on a crossbike. For me bike touring is more than just riding from one point to another through beautiful countryside. I see it as the best way to meet locals and to really explore the non toutristic places. I also love to do other activities during my trips. Go a few days surfing, hiking or just explore the big city life for some time.

Let me know if you want to join my trip for some time, would love to have some company :).