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No Show?

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No Show?

Hi, We're new hosts on WS. Is it customary for a guest to confirm a visit? We had a n-show last night and are expecting someone tomorrow, but haven't heard from them. Thanks for any advice.

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No show

We always try to confirm, but sometimes there's a good reason we can't, such as no cell phone service or Internet access. If the request was recent you would hope they knew for sure what day they would be arriving. The only good excuse for a no show who doesn't alert you is that a problem has come up and they have no way at all to contact you. Otherwise it's just rudeness.

If you have the cell number of the expected cyclist and haven't gotten confirmation, then by all means give them a call or text to say that you just want to be sure they are still planning to arrive at said time. As a cyclist I would not mind that at all.

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It is essential to keep commitments

I don't think all guests re-confirm, but it's a community essential that

1. Hosts and guests make a clear plan.
2. If the guest can't make the plan (which happens in bike touring) the guest must let the host know. Not doing so is awful behavior.

If something like this happens, please try to get in touch with the guest that missed; if you don't get a satisfactory response, please leave a "Negative Recommendation" for them explaining that they stood you up.

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No Show

Host or no host it's just social etiquette to confirm or not if a guest can't make it.

A member text me Friday to say he would be in my town with his family of five asking if I could meet them next week of course I agreed. 5.30pm next day another text saying that they had arrived at my city center campsite only to find it full as a result of the Olympic games I then felt that I was now part of his problem and spent an hour surfing the net on a Saturday night trying to find an open campsite and as it had been raining all week I felt that was the least I could do another text to say that they found a space at the campsite I then text them to say that I would cook an evening meal for his family the following night at 5pm. I'm 63 living on pension benefits, I went out Sunday and spent £20 on foodstuffs for five people and spent all afternoon preparing and cooking for my rain sodden guests, 5pm come and went, 5.30 I text them , no reply, then 6.10 a phone call from the wife to say they were very late I could not understand what she was trying to say and I was so angry by then I really didnt want to converse with them.

Looking at their profile afterwards they have only been a member for twelve days, still no excuse.

This will not deter me from offering members my hospitality but in future my radar will go up as soon as I get a contact call, text or email.

Shouldn't be like this.

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No Show

I have not hosted anyone yet but what comes to mind with your 'no-show' person is perhaps they didn't get there? Are they ok? Perhaps they broke down somewhere and are not able to contact you.

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