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Big cities with many hosts, but none available

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Big cities with many hosts, but none available

I rode 900 miles from Flagstaff AZ to Tucson and contacted many hosts as much as a few days ahead, yet found none that could host, two said they no longer had space, yet failed to say so in their WS host ad's. I contacted a dozen hosts here and long before arriving today, but none but those who weren't hosting, have contacted me back. Last host I stayed at was up in Utah last spring. Tucson shows about 40 WS hosts but only the two so far that cannot host reply to my messages and or calls.
I hosted 75 riders in Jackson WY in 2015 from May to November and 30 riders while living in Orderville Utah in 2013. Seems like Karma is not working for me?

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Hi Gary

Hi Gary

What were the response rates and last login dates of the hosts you contacted like? Which search methods did you use to find them?

I don't think it's karma that's not working, rather several idiosyncrasies of the Warmshowers site are conspiring to make it very difficult for guests to find hosts in target rich areas. Chief among them is the continued insistence of WS of signing up new members as available to host by default which has added literally thousands of false-positives to crowd out the real hosts on any map or list search. This is certainly not the only issue, there have been numerous discussions and a good number of solutions put forth over the last 6-7 years as this problem has grown though nothing has come to fruition as of yet. These are some links to other forum posts related to this topic if you'd like to review them:

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It is very unfortunate that so many embers do not keep their profile updated, or sign up with marginal motivation to participate. I have also run into the same problems in San Francisco and Paris. You just have to rely on other options and use WS when available.

We were unable to do the membership "purge" this last year. Hopefully, in the next few months, we will be sending out reminders to members ho have not logged in wishing the last year, and "purge" those who do not respond. Our deceptive number of active members may be reduced once we do this.

Hang in there! Enjoy your travels! Enjoy your hosting! Just keep in mind WS is a supplement to your tour, and not the backbone of it!

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Big cities with many hosts, but none available

ah ah , this is normal for large cities such as Paris, ... Zurich, ... they have to make a living get up early and back home late ...
try to find a retired host (like me)

However, I am sure that if you send your request to host in Iran or China, you will be welcomed even in large cities.
... well large ... in China a city of less than 3 million inhabitants is considered as a village ... :-)
You will be particularly welcomed if you say you biked all the way there

Well, personnaly if I see a biker that hosted so many guest like you, I would do my best to host

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