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Thailand - Jan 2017

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Thailand - Jan 2017


I'll be landing in BKK in early Jan for a month (while everyone is freezing here ha ha ha ....erhm -_-) and cycle my bike and myself southbound towards Malaysia and then wandering around Thai for the pure pleasure of discovery .. so not much of a tight schedule...I just want to dive into whatever life throws at me :)
btw I imagine rides of 60/70kms per day
if anyone is flowing along that direction and/or is wandering around Thai and is looking for a fellow cyclist that always wears vans shoes to share bits of adventures with, drop me a line ;)

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china to australia?

maybe we will meet along the way?

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Ciao Claudine!

Ciao Claudine!

maybe :)
still haven't planned anything yet ... just the January time frame .. I'll update this post as I dig a bit more into details ;)

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AC, i am on the same program in January. Planning on heading to Bangkok, take a train out of the madness and start around Hua Hin. I have been to thailand a few times, this would be my first time on a bike. A friend or two from USA may join me, we have not scheduled it yet. Would be good to join up. do you know your start date? cheers, Bobby

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Thailand Jan

Hi Alessandro,

I will be in Sri Lanka in a few days and I guess I will stay for 2 or 3 months, so Jan/Feb I will be in Thailand or Colombia where my brother lives,

would be nice to keep us update and try to meet.

Meanwhile stay safe and have fun. Ciao.

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I'll also be in the Thailand

I'll also be in the Thailand area in January. I'm cycling down from Nepal starting this week.. See you there :)

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hey everyone

hey everyone

a little update: booked the flights yesterday.. arriving the 6th in BKK .. and leaving the 27th from Singapore to Melbourne (for a last minute fortnight working retreat with a buddy of mine who lives there)
meaning that, whatever I'll do, I'll have to reach Singapore by the 26th at last :)

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Hi Alessandro,

Hi Alessandro, I would like to join you on this adventure! I could book flights at the same dates, Jan 6-27, I also would have to fly back to Vancouver Canada because I have another flight leaving there Jan 29. I am serious about coming so if you email me (or whattsap me if you prefer to confirm I can come, I'll be eager to do so! I rode from Canada to Mexico in 18 days, so can do big kms daily or small, I'd prefer to do more riding than less but flexible: ) I'm happy you're booked, it's a sure thing when you've got the flights! What do you think?! Vanessa

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Bangkok to Krabi December

Hey! I am doing more or less the same route in December. Will start from Bangkok and end in Krabi around New years.

Lets see if plan changes and we end up riding together somewhere.

Cheers! KP

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update 2

update 2

made some rough planning and I'll be starting my ride on my own for about a week starting from Samut Songkhram province and southbound
wherever I can reach ... maybe south of Choumpon ? or in the Surat Thani area ..
I definitely want to visit Ko Samui
and after Ko..
I'll be cycling wherever :) either southbound or westbound .. wherever I feel like.. and to meet whoever is around :)

the only milestone is:
I have to reach Pedang Bansar (Malaysian border) around the 24-25th and hop on a night train that will take me to Singapore (leaving at 8pm
and arriving at 8:20am the next day.

so if you feel inspired send me a PM or email me at coroneddu @ gmail. com
(Vanessa donnow if you got them but I already wrote you a PM)

and from now on ... let's see what happens :)