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Guest issues

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Guest issues

Just to give my opinion and thinking of leaving the page I had wo issues guesting:

1) They guy that stayed first was a little smelly, I can understanding since he was ciclying for a while.

2) A second guest stayed three days, we went for a beer with a friend o mine and at the time of paying the beer he didnt make a move to pay it so I payed for it. For me was kind of rude, if he didnt had money he would have just to refuse go for drinks or at least let me know.

For this bad experiences I am thinking I want to host again.

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guest issues.

First thing a guest does is TAKE A SHOWER AND GET CLEAN.
Second thing, make it clear that you are sharing the cost of the beer.
Simple. You have to SAY SOMETHING to make sure everyone understands your rules.
Good luck.

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what this guy said...

You have to SAY SOMETHING to make sure everyone understands your rules.

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Par for the course

Yes I guess you have to say something these days, although you should not have to. Maybe this is why so many have very detailed information on their hosting pages. The smelly happens.

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make your expectations clear


Most of the touring cyclist have that typical smell in their clothes that just doesn't go away. I always invite my guest to take a shower and do their complete laundry.

If something doesn't work, why don't you make your expectations clear on your profile page. I had to do the same thing.

Don't be let down by two experiences. I had a couple of unforgettable ones, many good ones and a few ok ones.

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first a shower, then laundry

A shower is a must and a suggestion for laundry second priority. We are dealing with long distance cyclists, not homeless bums.

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I am new to WS. I was never

I am new to WS. I was never hosted and was not host so far.

I have to say ...
When my friend and I, during our off road mountain bikepacking trips, enter small town where we plan to eat, we stop just before roll in. We find facet at nearby house or gas station, wash faces and hands, then pull out clean shirt, change and enter diner. We do not want to smell and look dirty.

If I am going to enter someones house I will make sure I look "presentable", don't smell,and have a smile. I would bring small present (wine, chocolate or beer). If I am going to be hosted I already saved enough to afford 10$ gift to my host. I want to establish long term relationship with my host and show some appreciation!

I was under impression many people want the same?

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Sure plenty of people do.

Sure plenty of people do...

All sure most host know cyclists get hot and sweaty after a long day of riding.

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One day, I arrived at Host's place, after NOT biking for that day ( my bike was broken that day..)

My Host said, " Do you want a shower ..?" I said " No thanks, i didn't bike today, I feel OK..." But I DID change my clothes ....

This was the *wrong* thing to say , especially for that Host, I will not do that again !

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