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Question - what to do for hosts?

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Question - what to do for hosts?


I've been a WS member for about a year. I've not hosted yet, though have received several emails for requests that did not pan out.

My wife, our puppy, and I are about to take our first tour. It is unconventional in that my wife drives our vehicle and tiny teardrop trailer (barely larger than a tent) to our destination, then bikes back to meet me as I have left from our previous night's stop. We did something similar to this years ago on our honeymoon, and hope to have a similar experience.

In the part of the US that we're touring, it's been difficult to get campsites. Gratefully, as retirees, we've been able to arrange several WS hosts.

Since we're new, my wife and I are at a loss for what to do for hosts. Take them out to dinner? Make dinner? Conversation over wine/beer, and experience sharing?

Other hosts - I would like your input.

Thanks so much in advance.

Michael Valleriano

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Any of the things you have

Any of the things you have listed would be fine, though if you are only staying one night cooking a dinner (or taking your host out) may be difficult to organise after a day's cycling when you are unfamiliar with the area and the circumstances of your host - you could actually be making life more complicated for them (many of my guests have cooked for me though it was usually after staying for 2 or 3 nights and becoming familiar with our neighbourhood, what food we liked, what kinds of ingredients were readily available etc).

You could mention it in your initial message to see how your prospective host responds but really I wouldn't sweat it so much for a single night's stay - drinks (or a dessert, something as simple as some chocolates picked up in the previous town), some willingness to engage about your adventures or just some gusto with the detergent and tea-towel would all be welcome and acceptable gestures anything more elaborate is probably best left until after you have met and spoken to your host in person.

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To do for hosts --

With us we try to have a clear understanding that no compensation is required. If it works out that we can spend some time together in conversation, that's what makes these visits memorable and valuable to us. If not, we wish the cyclist god-speed. Some guests have wanted to cook for us and made the time to do it -- I've taken one or two to the supermarket to acquire ingredients, and the dinners have been truly special. My wife still makes some of the dishes brought to us by our guests as part of our regular dinner rotation. My point would be -- relax, try to be open to what your host might be asking of you, but don't worry about it. The Warm Showers List is about facilitating cyclists and hosts do or should understand that.

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My thoughts are that I shouldn't arrive empty handed. Road vendors have good stuff, grocery stores have fruit trays, and there is always the bottle of wine standby. If a host does not offer to sit down together, I offer to take them out for pizza. If you do not sit down for a meal together, you do not get to know each other and the hosting idea is out the window.

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Re:- What to do for hosts?

My thoughts are that it's best to ask the host before you arrive - find out as much as you can that makes you comfortable. For me, when I host, I don't really want much to do with the cyclist. I'm not rude, I'm just a very quiet person. I do manage to sit and talk for a short while, maybe half an hour, and I show the guest everything, where the food, the oven, the bathroom and the lavatory are, etc., but beyond that I leave them alone. I have found that the cyclist is usually glad to get a shower, some food and on the internet, then get as much sleep as possible, so none have ever been offended by my lack of companionship to them. I never expect anything from them, and definitely not a gift. For me, Warmshowers is about being a good neighbour and offering a warm shower, food and sleeping space. It is not about being their best friend for the night.

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What to do for hosts

Elizabeth, I have been hosted by those who are not so chatty. Visitors need to familiarize themselves with this host's profile. You state therein you are not the chatty type and I think that is the perfect place to set your expectations. A good visitor will respect his/her host. Oh, and thanks for hosting!

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Don't expect anything from my

Don't expect anything from my guests, but it's always nice to sit down and have a chat over food or a drink, but I'd never expect the guests to turn up with either as they're cycling.

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Nice when it happens but we

Nice when it happens but we don't expect guests to bring anything. The last two brought chocolates and one also brought wine. We have gifted wine on the 3 occasions we have been guests. We do expect conversation from our guests at some point otherwise there is little point in hosting in our view.

I would only offer to take hosts out for dinner if we stayed more than one night.

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Thank you!

Thank you for the input! I've reached out to my first two WS hosts and made an offer of wine/beer/food as several have suggested.

I can't wait!