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First time host

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First time host
After being on the warm showers list for nearly a year I had begun to wonder if someone would ever come my way and then wah-lah! Last Sunday(April 15) late in the evening I got a call from a fellow needing a place to stay. All his other options ran out and as he was already exhausted and suffering from hypothermia my husband and I agreed to let him come. Wow I thought, it has finally happened. I couldn't wait to meet and host this fellow. So after he biked quite a ways...and then finally had stop, the fatigue was really taking its toll. I went to pick him up and brought him, his bike and all 120lbs of gear to my house. His name is Jonathan Walker, and he is from Australia. He stood in my entry way looking sort of I offered him a shower and he GLADLY accepted. I kept him company and talked until my husband got home where we all sat down at my dining room table and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his adventures!. We let him use one of our computers to check his email and update his blog etc. He was so appreciative and respectful and polite and basicly just downright NICE! He went to bed early because he was started feeling worse. Come to find out he got ahold of some milk at a convenient store and it apparently was bad. He got a dose of food poisoning.:( Poor Jonathan slept all night and ALL the next day. I went to run errands and to see a client and when I got badk he was still crashed. The guy only meant to stay the night but wound up staying 3. Which he politely asked if he could do, and we didn't mind at all. He was sick. He was quite and didn't make a fuss or act demanding in any way. As he began to feel better we all talked more and it was just a delight to hear about his country and the other places where he had toured. I drove him into town one day and left him at the local bike shop while I visited with a client. He had a good tie there, time went by too fast he said.:) Once he was well enough to ride on I must say that we were a bit sad to see him go. However, he gave us probably the BEST first time experience of being a host that we could have asked for. I hope he comes back again sometime. And I do extend a welcome to others if they get to this area and need place to stay. Although he could only give us a short notice we still would like at least 2-3 days notice. Thanks Jonathan for being such a good guest! HB Buzz'n By...