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Ebike kit update

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Ebike kit update

At 73, I decided that this year I would try an ebike kit on my ride across the country since I had the big four USA mountain ranges to conquer. Turn up your nose if you like. I am at mile 1,300 of my route and have already passed through the Great Smoky Mountains. Child's play. This electric kit has found a final home. I won't go back. It helps with dog chases, unsafe situations where you have to get through fast, and climbing all those hills. Normal riding gives the battery a 45 mile range while hilly is about thirty. You pedal the same, you just get there faster and easier. ...In this photo, I am getting new foot pedals in Muscatine, Iowa at Harper's Cycling. The EBO Burly model electric kit needs no maintenance so far.

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Is charging an issue? If you

Is charging an issue? If you can find WS hosts each day I guess not but I would have thought that is a major challenge. I have several electric bikes so am favourable with them but wonder if the extra weight would hinder a trip. Seems like you are proving otherwise.

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Charging issue

No problem charging. I am not in remote locations. There is always a store or ranger station that will let it charge over night. I don't notice the weight at all. Fifteen pounds is hardly a game breaker. I'll never go back.

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test e-bikes

Jackday as example and considering our age we recently decided to test e-bikes in the Austrian Alps. One never knows when time comes to switch over.
A local hotel offered e-bikes during our stay.

We tested several slopes ranging from 5 - 12 % twice. One time with the rented e-bike and one time with our own travelbikes.
Result: the e-bikes were a good help at regular slopes, but really steep ones only could be to conquered with our very low speeds.
Lesson: these regular e-bikes were not suitable for a loaded bike in the mountains with long steep slopes.
The concept of Jack makes sense: replace the frontwheel of your own bike to have the benefit of low gears.

Charging: Because we did not use the e-support on rather level roads, we still had enough power left at the end of a day.
We agree with Jack: find a socket and you can (partly?) charge the battery. While having lunch, visiting a museum or making a tour in a city you can ask a store to plug in. If needed you even can pay a euro/dollar or so to please the friendly owner...

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Ebike kit update

The really steep spots have yet to be conquered. The motor is not thatpowerful for such things but it does help a little. You can buy stronger batteries but they are very costly. I've also found that if I pedal harder, the battery goes further. The battery puts out the same power, however fast you pedal. The life of the battery is more focused on time used, everything else remaining the same. My legs have become stronger so I pedal harder, and therefore I get there sooner. Today I was crossing North Dakota which is fairly level and there was no wind. The life of the battery was 50 miles on the second switch level with a quarter of the energy still left over. I'm really happy about that.

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