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Can I find out who marked me as "unresponsive" ?

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Can I find out who marked me as "unresponsive" ?

I recently noticed that someone marked us as "unresponsive." I found this curious because I am diligent about getting back to people. I can only assume it was a couple we chose to dodge, since they were on a road trip with their bikes on a rack on the car, clearly outside the spirit and guidelines of Warmshowers.

We have enough of a bonafide travelling-by-bike flowthrough, and I told these guys we were busy, but also (politely) they were outside Warmshowers guidelines, and should not be using it when travelling by car. I suspect it was them who marked me "unresponsive." Can I find out?

It's not that important if I can't, because we've been marked "responsive" by many others. No problems.

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There is no way t find out.

There is no way t find out. We do encourage everybody to reply to every message, and to say "no" when the answer is "no".

Thanks for your hospitality to touring cyclists!

You might want to leave feedback on that member's page mentioning they're traveling by car... Of course, if they told you that it was probably fair.

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We had an internet outage for

We had an internet outage for 8 days recently, during which time I rec'd a request. i was able to Browse it in "emergency mode" ie at the library, but was unable to respond due to time limits on the machine at the time. I guess I was lucky not to get marked as "unresponsive".

FWIW : some recent Guests said they had ZERO replies to their requests in my city,which has >20 hosts ; but I don't know how many they tried to contact...

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I had the same question, I

I had the same question, I have responded promptly whenever contacted and have only turned someone down once when I wasn't available. The person I turned down also mentioned they would be arriving by car, I had the same thought on it not being in the spirit of the site or what I was wanting to host for but I did not mention it in our email. It is frustrating to have someone stay and not leave feedback but the anonymous "unresponsive" is even more so.

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Jason, I am wondering if your undeserved "unresponsive" was from the same duo as ours was. In think ours was placed in early summer 2012 by a pair on a motorized road trip from NY, bikes transported on the car rack.

Although I politely said I was too busy to host (which was true) I also pointed out to them (also politely) that they were trying to use Warmshowers while being clearly outside the guidelines. I'm happy to host cyclists on a bonafide bike tour, and since Warmshowers doesn't pre-screen it's users, surely it's fair of me to decline a request from someone on a motorized outing who could just as well use couchsurfing?

I think Randy's response misses our point: Someone is using "unresponsive" to express their displeasure that their every request does not open doors for them, even though they are clearly ignoring the site guidelines.

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Those who choose to mark a

Those who choose to mark a member as " unresponsive" should be identified, and their list of comments collated. If they make a LOT of "un-responsive" comments, that might tell us something about them, as well as about the Hosts they identify.

I would like ALL a member's activity to be collated and available to Browse at their own member's Page forum replies, feed back to /from, etc....

IMO, a member's contribution to the Forums tells me a lot about them ! I am not frightened for members to know ALL my ideas about WS, even when they are minority ideas ..:)

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I was marked unresponsive again just recently

...and this was while I had marked us as "unavailable" because we were on an extended tour ourselves. In fact, I believe we'd been "unavailable" for something like 4 months when we were marked "unresponsive" a second time.

Very strange, but que sera sera.

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And just so you all know,

And just so you all know, responsiveness is now automatically calculated, not done with the "mark responsive" any more.

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