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Temp room sought in Bay Area, California

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Temp room sought in Bay Area, California

Hi. I've been traveling with my bike for ten months in Central and South America, but wound up arriving by a series of boats in Iquitos, Peru, which has only the Amazon and an airport going into and out of it, no roads at all. Not wanting to retrack my steps on the boats I decided to fly out. I would have liked to land in Panama or Costa Rica or Belize and come back up on the Caribbean side, but I'd been invited to something in China in October so I wasn't sure I had time for that and I figured I could return to that area at some point in the future more leisurely and perhaps furthermore with a companion, which would be more fun.

So I flew to San Francisco, from where I'd been planning on continuing to Korea, but now I'm having some trouble connecting with friends who used to be here and besides the airbnb offering seems especially meager and expensive –- which leads me to check with Warm Showers. Does anyone in the SF/Bay area have a room for me for a couple of days? Actually I've been on the road with the bike for three and a half years, since my retirement from an NGO job in Holland at the end of 2013. This was at the Universal Esperanto Association in Rotterdam, and Esperanto is an interesting phenomenon that you might enjoy hearing about if you're not already acquainted with it.

In any event I'd be happy to hear from any of you in this area. Thanks!

Roy McCoy

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You're probably not going to

You're probably not going to reach many people on the forums. Use the search feature, look for hosts who have a history of logging in and replying, read their profiles and make a personal request if you would like to stay with them.

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