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I just hosted my first Warm Showers Member in Delhi, India

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I just hosted my first Warm Showers Member in Delhi, India

I just hosted my first Warm Showers Member in Delhi, India.

Although, I have been on this beautiful community since many years, and interacted and received a few offers from some members, but was able to host and meet for the very first time in Delhi, India.

He came cycling from France.

Although, I didn't receive his request to host him through Warm Showers, I received it through, but later he told that he is on Warm Showers too.

Then, a while back, I received an email from someone in Warm Showers that my account will be deleted if I don't login now.

Surprisingly, I haven't ever received many requests here to host, as I do on other International Travel Communities like I don't know if this community is not too active or there are few number of members here. I'll like to know from someone or the other here as to what is the current state of this community, and what is the best way to interact, meet, and host lots of members here.

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warm showers

Don't feel bad. We have a friend who has been in WS for 2 years, lives 10km from Gatwick airport in the Uk, and has only just had his 1st guest.
We live in the middle of nowhere in western Australia and have had a few.

If you want more it may be a good idea to let cyclists know how far from the airport you are. Mention you can help get a bicycle box. If you cycle say so. The more info the better. Make it funny. If you have room to store the bikes, mention that. They can be pretty big and we do take up a lot of room.
Insist that any potential guest ( like the Frenchman) leave a comment for you.

We've been to Delhi a few times and struggle to get in/out of the city. We just want a place to feel safe and relax with a few locals. Next year we'll be there again, after cycling Ladakh and will have the same trouble. We always help out and take hosts for a local meal.

Maybe see you next year.

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Thank you very much for replying

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for replying. I was surprised that no one responded to my post even yet :) Thank God, you came to my rescue :)

I will mention these things, thank you for the useful suggestions. I don't know about comments, as many people these days are in a habbit of not leaving references as they don't have any strict regulations with that so they don't feel that it is sort of essential to leave a comment for their host. I have hosted a lot via CS, beWelcome, hospitality, staydu, freeloaders and others, and some are always there who don't leave a reference even if you insist as you said that I can insist. I ask them to leave a reference for me once they leave my place because I don't want to get a fake or compelling reference.

Oh, I can understand. Delhi is one big maddening and crazy city :) Yes, I'll love to host you guys, and maybe even love to join you in Ladakh, where I have never been, but heard a lot of good things about it from travelers :)

Sure, we will meet next year then.


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