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problems and more problems

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problems and more problems

Since you guys begun with the "upgrades" of this website which i think were not necesary everything is working bad, slowly or not at all, i cant use the app for android as its not longer compatible with my phone, i get.on the website and says i have 1 unread messagge but there is nothing there, my conversations with other members sometimes dont go through at all, the map opens up in colorado usa always for some reason and i have to to the other corner of the world where im right now, and of course something.that is the anoying chhose a donation level for next year when ive already donated( dont think i will ever again) whatever improvements that you are doing are not shown on the day to day use of this website, bicycle travellers and warmshowers members are ussually very simple people, i dont mind donating, but you dont.need to make it fancy for that, keep it simple so everyone can.use it with ease and put your donation money for deleting fake or unresponsive accounts, it ws one of the things that wss said was going to be done but.i keep watching lots of.phanthom members on the map, keep t simple please, otherwise we will be moving on to other domain, dont let that happen, is in your hands.

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we have serious reservations too

Totally agree. It all just worked fine and simple. The free spirit of cycle touring and the WS community rock!
The idea of a reservation system is in total contrast with this.
The 3 reasons given to build a reservation system, we don't understand at all.

[1] "Health and safety".
If there are any issues, it's 100% the responsibility of the host and the (potential) guest to solve them.

[2] "We don't know who is using the system where and when".
We are very active members and we never had any problem. In practice the problems will boil down to interhuman communication and this can only be solved (again!) by host and guest. No system will be able to do this for us.

[3] "Reviews are the lifeblood of".
Nonsense! Guest cyclist MEETS host cyclist in his private habitat, is the lifeblood of

[4] "Guests need to make an informed choice"
More nonsense again, the need is basic and simple and nothing fancy, you will be hosted by a touring cyclist who understands your needs. What could you possibly need to know more? All extras that will happen are just a bonus.

A touring cyclist with his kit and caboodle, heading to our home, will be staying with us. We feel very sad that in the future he would tell people in our neighbourhood that he made a reservation at our place.

Meanwhile we are having a blast this year again here in The Netherlands with great guests, and no, you can't trace all of them in reviews.
So: totally agree: let's keep it simple!

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Me too, I totally agree: let

Me too, I totally agree: let's keep it simple!

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Me too! I don't buy in to the

Me too! I don't buy in to the fear factor. Why change what is an egalitarian openness for a paranoid fear of imagined errant cycle tourists? I'm happy with the old way. I don't want a "show me your papers" spirit to ruin an otherwise wonderful community.

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Im glad and not surprised to

Im glad and not surprised to see that im not alone, hopefully this guys will listen to the real concerns that we have, the real travellers and hosts and not to try to imposse their way no matter what, put you effort in building bridges people, there are enough walls in this world already and they have never made for a nicer or safer place, cheers

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Hang in there!

Team Warmshowers hears everyone's concerns. The first phase in the upgrade has been completed. We have transferred servers and are completing the new graphics. New features won't be activated until a second phase following the new graphics.

Let me say this: the Board is made up of volunteer members who cycle and host. We are very protective of this community and of the website (which is the platform to bring this community together!). We are keeping the website free, and free of advertising. Also, no one is making money here! I have been volunteering for about 4 years, averaging an hour a day, and never have received any compensation. That's just not what we are about.

The website was broken. Several features no longer worked. The system was not designed for 100,000 and could not hold the volume of traffic. THINGS WORK NOW! :-) There may be some glitches along the way, but the site is more stable and reliable than ever before!

New members are screened daily; this is a time consuming task as we average about 125 new members a day this time of the year. We already hand filter spammers, people looking for sex, homeless looking for showers, and others who do not fit the membership guidelines. Despite this, a few bad apples can get through. This is why we have placed the Trust and Safety factors into the site. Without them, we are jut too vulnerable. Yes, it is still at host and guest discretion and taking care of yourself and making proper decisions when hosting or seeking hosts. We are just implement factors to help you make a more informed decision.

I hope this clarifies things.

Ken Francis

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