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Plenty of notice, now won't reply

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Plenty of notice, now won't reply

Hello all,

I got a message a couple of weeks ago asking if a couple could stay over at my flat. Great, plenty of notice I thought. I suggested we work out the details closer to the agreed upon date. Earlier this week (16th) I suggested where we could meet up and asked for some final details, as they're arriving tomorrow evening. It appears they've been on the site every day since then, yet still have not replied. I asked yesterday for them to reply ASAP yesterday, they've been online earlier this morning, still no reply. I'm getting a bit uncomfortable with the arrangement now, as I know if I was in their position and someone was offering me a bed for a night for free I'd be very dilligent in replying to them...I certainly wouldn't leave it for days.

What's everyone else's thoughts? This is only my second hosting (despite the lack of feedback, I'll have to chase the 1st guest up on that!).

Thanks, Tom.

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There is no arrangement as

There is no arrangement as they have never replied to confirm your offer of accommodation.

When you respond to requests give out your phone number if you wish but never your address until you get a confirmation. Just go about your normal routine, don't start rearranging your life for people who have probably written to multiple hosts.

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I did get a reply confirming

I did get a reply confirming it weeks ago but we hadn't got the details down yet.

"leaving by 8am is not problem for us.
We are looking forward to get to know you.

Given that this site has an app I wouldn't even consider giving out my mobile number as I don't really consider it necessary, I certainly haven't given out my address yet, nor do I intend to.

Anyway I've cancelled the arrangement, I figured if I'm not comfortable then I shouldn't go ahead with it.

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In these situations we leave

In these situations we leave neutral feedback that turns to negative if the requester does not answer to say why they ran roughshod over hospitality. The only reason this person did this to you is because no host addressed it with them before.

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The OP cannot assume anything from this situation, it's just the way it is with an organisation like this one. It's still annoying to the Host, especially if they have had to make arrangements beyond the normal.

I don't think it's worth " negative FB". I'd give Neutral , citing their lack of follow up, especially if they don't explain EVER ....

My guess is, they contacted a LOT of Hosts ( why not ? most are non-responders) and got lucky enough to forget their arrangement with you.

BTW : they may also have made a miscalculation, finding that the OP is a long way off their route - that's easy to do with this organisation too .
No excuse not to "cancel" tho ...that's one reason I suggest my Contacts text me on the phone to update their plans ....

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Hi BF. Good to see your wise

Hi BF. Good to see your wise words as ever.

Seems most people reel back at negative feedback for such a 'minor' situation. I listen and consider, but stay with the policy. The neutral feedback is erased for almost everyone, for it asks only for conversation, understanding and acknowledgement that the behavior is inconsiderate and problematic for others. The negative feedback is only for people who refuse to do even that. It is annotated that way for future hosts to consider. Courtesy and respect are not rocket science, and are the core of what makes this program work.

Your experienced observations on how the program operates are spot on. It does give the cyclist a lot of leeway, and that is good given the uncertainties of travel. However it is also rope enough to hang ones self with if those options are not handled responsibly.

Thanks, BF

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