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Website update - comments

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Website update - comments

First, thanks very much to the team for the effort. The site is really much more mobile friendly now. Please allow comments regarding 2 issues.

1. Headline links:

 I miss a "Forums" and a "Logout" button. Both are only reachable at the very bottom of the page. Especially the missing "Logout" is a security issue if peoply don't know/forget to logout when using a public computer. It also took me a while to find out how to get to the forums at all, it's not very visible.

2. Forum:

When going to the forum you should see the overview as before. Currenty, it seems you have to select every single topic to see what is going on. Or did I miss an "Overview" button? Also, I had a hard time to find out how to create this posting. In detail I had to go through the following steps:

 a) Scroll down -> Go to Our Forum
 b) Select Website Help and Support
 c) Press "WebSite Help and Support" on the right at some topic
 d) Scroll down a bit again to find "New Topic" + Select it

Guess the Forum will be dead soon if it stays like that.




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One more things

What is even worse with the forum, once you are in a topic there is no way to go back and see others. You have to step all the way through e.g. My Profile -> Scroll Down -> Go to our Forum ....

Please establish a link to

from everywhere.



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Inactive host are on the map now

It seems that inactive hosts are on the map now. At least here in Växjö I saw that Ann Johansson had appeared with the site update but she is with the antipodes right now.
Edit: maybe her non-availibility expired, by coincidence with the update. I now checked some othe non-availble hosts here, no problem I think

And yes, navigating the forum is too cumbersome now. 

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Another netsite getting too clever?

Edit will not work - message saying "Oops there's been an error" is no help, is it??!!

A photo posted by someone we stayed with was removed by him a few years back, and now it's re-surfaced with this site re-structuring.

Why can't website owners leave something that works well alone, but have to tart it up and make a total bollocks out of it? Sack the software twerp who made this mess!

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New site not showing the names of people

I am not at all pleased with the new website.

 I am not at all happy with the fact that we do not see the names of the people we have contacted.

I frequently make numerous requests and would like to be able to identify  different people that I have sent messages to. 

 The way the site was before was fine. I agree that changing it has been a failure. It is now too complicated and yes cumbersome.  You should have left well enough alone!

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Definitely agree about the

Definitely agree about the forum. Seems a pain to use (and find).

Other comment, you have a list of countries on the map list. If I select a country, the map refreshes, and stays in the exact same place. I'm in Cape Town, but the map is centred on Grand Junction Colorado. What?

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Writing in the text box

I have just discovered that it is most annoying trying to write a text and then go back to try to make corrections. We keep losing the text up in among the formatting symbols and one needs to scroll the text back down again. Most annoying!

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Issues with new website

There seems to be several things messed up.  I am having trouble searching.  Also my location just moved about 1/2 mile away - just happened to notice and fixed it.  Guess this is common for a nnew effort but frrustraing.



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Home page map problems...

I haven't read all the feedback yet, but the map on the homepage is a little funky.  When you click on an area, the click doesn't necessarily center on the area nor does it enlarge that area properly.


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beautiful change not really to the better

The relaunch Looks very pretty!
The place consum of the text is immense, so a lot of Scrolling has to be done! On the old Website there was a better overview of more Content at one time.
The app for iOS is missing!!!!! It has been much more convinent then a mobile Website!
Before the map always could locate where I am. Now USA is presented always and I have to search where I want to go. Mobile the search doesn't work easily! Why USA, why not Austria as starting Country ( ;-) ) real Location would be best! Is USA, a Country of fake News without climate Change so important?
The favorite users are lost! They haven't worked correct but have been promised to be working after the relaunch. All the users / guests we tried to safe as favorites are lost!
Thanks those who worked hard for this relaunch! Please improve your relaunch!
greetings from sunny Austria!

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Bug report - broken picture links in guest feedback

Firstly let me congratulate you on rebuilding the website. As someone who has developed and migrated many websites in the past I understand entirely both the need to upgrade and the pitfalls of doing so (including the kneejerk reactions of some users). So take my comments as constructive rather than critical...

• I'll also ask for a permanent link to the forum at the top of every page. It just makes sense that you don't have to dig around to find this link.

• Bug report - when a guest adds a photo to their feedback, the links to a larger version of that image are broken. The error message reads "This image failed to load." I've only had two guests add photos of their stay but in both cases this error is shown. The thumbnail profile images of the guest at the top of their feedback load normally.

• Not a priority, but it would be nice if the map centered on my hosting address when I logged in... and magical if it could centre on me when I was on the road! EDIT: (5 Sept 2017) The map is now centered on my location when I log in. Thank you!

Thank you, Syd

EDIT: On submitting the above post a error message ("Unable to send e-mail...") appeared. What email and to whom? Also, when I tried to add a screen grab of said error message, the 'add image' button in this forum comment field wouldn't let me choose a file from my own computer. The only option it gives is 'from server', which links to a page on your server that contains a warning that I don't have access to that page. I've placed the screen grab on a 3rd party server now but notice that the preview field in this comment form contains a lot of latin placeholder text. An attempt to delete that text using the delete key has the unfortunate effect of closing the entire edit window.... sigh. Anyway here's that screen grab again (if any latin text appears with it, consider it a bug)...

UPDATE: No, the latin text that inhabits the image preview window doesn't appear in the final post.

error message


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Using both from work and from home the site is extremely slow when opening new pages.

Also the color of markers in the maps make them very difficult to be seen

I have seen no functionality additions (other than text formatting on forum messges) but a big decrease in usability.


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map on home website is always

map on home website is always centered on USA. Is it suppose be like this?

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forum clunky

i was on my profile page and looking for a link to the forum   I could not find one.  I had to go back to main page and scroll all the way down.  Simple solution  put a tab at the top along with the FAQ and others for forum.  


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feedback received / given.

the old site had a tab to jump to feedback provided by the host,  seems that has been lost in this, the only way to get to it is to scroll down thru feedback about the host.



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1. I would like to have a link to my messages directly from the front page, without going via profile

2. please, change the size of the letters you now use to the standard print size ( as it was before)  Why  do we have to have such big ones, we are not blind.

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messages displayed in gmail

I receive and read the request in gmail, however since the new website the text is hardly readible (and this was just a short message):

<div class="privatemsg-email-body" style="text-indent: 25px;">
<em><strong> Visit on the 9th </strong>
<p>No worries, thanks for the swift reply.</p>

Is this just my problem with settings, or is this happening to more people???


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It is a bug. Messages created

It is a bug. Messages created with rich text editor are sent as email notification with the uncorrect message type, tellinf that they are plain text when they are not.

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App as a tool for cyclists on the road

First of all many thanks for putting that effort in the new mobile friendly website. I like the new design, it really is nice.

BUT it has lost some very convenient functionalities and advantages I would like to explain below. Please take it as constructive rather than critical comments:

Finding a host while on the road is just a pain now and takes ages. My partner and I have been cycling through New Zealand and Australia for about one year now and have used the warmshowers app everyday. Easy to use, just convenient. With the app you just need a couple of seconds to get in contact with a host in an area where you wanna go. The dots on the map are very helpful and it is easy to see where the host lives. Select a dot, read the profile, read the feedbacks, send a message or give a call. That's it!!! Less than 5min for the selection process. Less data and little battery!!! Why is the app not working anymore and has been shut down? It was the most important tool on the road. Does anyone agree with that? Please consider the difference between users sitting in front of a computer and cyclists standing with their bikes somewhere on the planet trying to find a place to stay with a smartphone not using much data and of course little battery. Working on your profile or using the forum is different than quickly searching for a place to stay.
I would appreciate, no, I would love to get the app working again.

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Feedback page in the profile

It is not possible to spot easily on the feedback page which feedback was given, and which one was received. I appreciate that you are showing both, but on the old page it was easy to spot what is what.

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Still way too slow

The biggest issue with warmshowers is not the design, it is as several people have pointed out here, that it is slow. That is true for the webpage and for the (Android app) when you are on the road, you normally have a crappy network connection, so we want a fast and lean page. 


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linking buttons

I would like to suggest arranging all the linking buttons in one line, visible immediately after logging in. Now it is so that you have to jump from eider top of the page to its bottom and also to another page to find a link you need. It is irritating.

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Profile now contains "Preferred Notice" twice

Hi! Thanks for all the good work! Wanted to point out a minor legacy issue (probably): in my profile there is a block of text that I can no longer edit. One of the fields is "Preferred Notice" which is also one of the new check-box items under "Hosting Description & Amenities" (see below). So I now have two specifications of "Preferred Notice". I'd like to get rid of the old one... Can you at some point fix it? Thanks! Cheers, Francien

Hosting Description & Amenities

Preferred Notice: 24 hours (but feel free to try anyway if planning ahead isn't your thing)
Maximum Guests: 2
Distance to nearest bike shop: 500 m
Distance to nearest campground: 10 km
Distance to nearest hotel/motel: 500 m
Preferred Notice: 
3 Days
Lodging: [...]




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Replying to hosting requests

As a host, it used to be that one could reply to the email message from the cyclists requesting to stay. Now it seems you have to log-in to the site and then can only select an impersonal "Accept" or "decline" button. This is very impersonal and inflexible. Would be much better with an option to write a message to accompany the response. Thank you. 

Also, bug report: after declining a request it still shows up on the My Guests tab as an active request.

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Guests disappear from My Guest tab page

I have hosted four guests to date, but none of them display in the My Guest tab page.  What's the issue with that?

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Those tabs were designed to

Those tabs were designed to integrate with the official request form which has been abandoned (or at least suspended) so they don't serve any purpose currently.

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It is a useless tab. Always

It is a useless tab. Always empty. 

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I'm new to this website so just getting used to the format.  Despite repeated attempts, it won't allow me to post my photo.  Granted, I'm  not beautiful, but I wonder if there is some other reason the site won't accept it?  Suggestions?


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Size? Dimensions? Format? I'm

Size? Dimensions? Format? I'm not sure, is there no error message on failure?

Maybe try uploading here: and post the link on this thread.

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Profile photo

Thanks for your reply.

No error message.  Nothing.  It just disappears.  

Have uploaded image to link you suggest but can't figure out how to post to this thread.

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Just paste the link

Just paste the link

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