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A beautiful relaunch not to the better

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A beautiful relaunch not to the better

The relaunch Looks very pretty!
The place consum of the text is immense, so a lot of Scrolling has to be done! On the old Website there was a better overview of more Content at one time.The app for iOS is missing!!!!! It has been much more convinent then a mobile Website!
Before the map always could locate where I am. Now USA is presented always and I have to search where I want to go. Mobile the search doesn't work easily! Why USA, why not Austria as starting Country ( ;-) ) real Location would be best! Is USA, a Country of fake News without climate Change so important?
The favorite users are lost! They haven't worked correct but have been promised to be working after the relaunch. All the users / guests we tried to safe as favorites are lost!
Thanks those who worked hard for this relaunch! Please improve your relaunch!
greetings from sunny Austria!

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Ok with you Andreas!

Yes, I had the same thoughts - the new homepage is beautiful, but not very handy...

The most disturbing for me is definitely that the USA is the starting country, not the actual location :-/

Suggestion: Why not add also a search for "number of guests" (would be really helpful)? I'm missing also "favourite" guests (or "friends") order to find the nice people we met  much easier...

Well....let them some time (seems that they are still working on it ;-) ) :-)


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better than USA or Austria

better than USA or Austria would be useful to memorize the last searched place, and start again from there.
Irrespective of the fact that geolocation based on connection is often broken, it is likely that one plan to look for the next day, when will be in another place. so for search start always fron the last search made.

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You're right re last place searched

That's a great idea. Alternatively, start at the last message to host location.

(How many of us ride more than 200km per day? Not many, if any. Not many, if any.) ;-)

That's a lot easier than resizing the map, scrolling across an ocean (often too far!) and starting searching.

Another problem I find is not being able to resize the screen smaller - particularly on the messages page - and having to get my phone out and turn it to landscape to see full info.

I think the person's name has disappeared from that page too - which means extra time (and battery and data) spent going into wrong messages looking for the right message) and clicking through to get a link to their profile - so reducing info on a page has added needlessly to click throughs and page loads. I am on a Samsung Note 3 - perhaps people see more on newer phones.

That said, the maps now display correctly (centred!) on my phone where previously they didn't (off to the left of screen!) so that is a big improvement.


Andrew Bates

P.S. it would be good if we could click from within one message thread to the previous or next message thread. That would save having to go back to the messages page to find a message. Humble suggestion. 

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pop up info

besides all the other changes,

i do not understand why they kept the very old fashioned info-popups after summiting a massage or changes to your profile. that is annoying all the time and i did hope when i read about the updates, that they could get rid of this stoneage info box, i have to click away / wait for 10 seconds...

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The new site is super

The new site is super annoying to navigate. It's hard e.g. to get into the forums, go to a specific forum, etc.

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Essential things are missing

We are using WS since a couple of years now, as well as a guest as a host. It is a great way to live the travelling experience from both sides. However, I regret to say this new release has missed some opportunities and could be improved easily.
- Sending a message with attachments is harder than ever: if you don't give your attachment a name and fill out the checkbox, your upload goes bananas.
- An "availability calendar" would be great. 
- A "reservation system" has been promised but we are still waiting for that. Look at Airbnb for a good example. A simple click-buttton request for a night, and a simple acceptation/refusal click-button reply should do 90% of the job.
- I read something about "filtering" but I don't see any filters.
- Passive (or freeloader) profiles should be kicked off the site after a number of trespasses. (If someone steadily can't reply with yes or no in three days, the online community is not his home)

Aniway, let's give WS a chance to complete the job.

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"A ‘reservation system’ has

"A ‘reservation system’ has been promised but we are still waiting for that."

As the WS announcement specified, the new website will be rolled out in two phases, and the “reservation system” will be part of the second phase.

”If someone steadily can't reply with yes or no in three days, the online community is not his home.”

3 days is far too short a time. That means that if I decide to use a long weekend here to cycle in the mountains and be without my phone, I might miss a request and thus, according to you, should be booted off the site in spite of generally being an enthusiastic host and maintaining a 100% reply rate.

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Not respond once versus steadily

It would sound hypocrite if I would claim that I never respond later than three days on a request, but some people make a profile and then forget about it (zero responses to ten requests and things), others only use the site when they are planning their own travels. It would be a big improvement if at least "dead" profiles would be cleaned up. For a travelling cyclist, it can be very frustrating if you don't know wether you can stop at a single place because the next opportunity can be 40 K out of the way and not every environment feels safe for wild camping. (I definitely wouldn't do that in some bear country).

It's all about commitment. Commitment is essential to keep WS running although that is often a missing property, nowadays.


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Dead profiles are cleaned up

Dead profiles are cleaned up once a year.

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Make GPX files directly visible on the site.
- as extra profile pics
- as attachments in messages
- on the forum
- add both GPX track and markers visible for easy trip planning

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I gave it a chance

OK everyone. I opted not to comment until the new site has been active for a while. It's easy to find fault with something new and I wasn't about to fall into that trap ..hehe. So now that it's been a few weeks I have to say that there are definitely some major issues with the new rollout. I apologize if I'm repeating some of the things that have already been mentioned by others.


First. It took me forever to figure out how to make this post in the first place. It's an extremely cumbersome process. We're cyclists, not tech experts who might quickly figure this out.

The new font makes it very difficult to read the forums. There's a monotony to it which distracts the eye and I'm having a hard time reading it.

When the new site first launched, the forums went to one single forum option with all the posts listed without the benefit of the various tabs such as new and updated topics.

Then those tabs came back and now they've once more disappeared. I found the various options to be quite useful.

Even though it was once again a bit cumbersome to navigate to this old feature, I appreciated having a "mark all forums read" option. This seems to have disappeared as well.

When I receive notification of a new post in my email the formatting contains what seems to be HTML markup, making it hard to read.


I appreciate the efforts being made by the Warmshowers team and I realize it can be a thankless task at times. This is only some personal feedback after having given the new site and myself a chance for a while.





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I am pretty tech savvy but I

I am pretty tech savvy but I cannot find a topic/section list at all. All I find are a list of recent posts with the section that they are attributed to. Does anyone have a link to the forum main page that lays out all the sections clearly? Even finding this section of the foum was a bit confusing. 

The new website looks very commercial, but not at all friendly. I too appreceate the difficulty and bother that taking care of an organization as big as this one but really....

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I do not think this is anywhere as a link. I had the hack the url to get here:

It is quite insane. Mistakes can happen, but it seems nobody bothered to let a user test the forums before letting this go live. And after a few weeks, still no technical person has interacted here. The CEO is off to Las Vegas.

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" And after a few weeks,

" And after a few weeks, still no technical person has interacted here."

Indeed. I’m sure I am not the only person who was shocked when Seth Portner made his first and only post here to defend his going to that commercial bike expo in Las Vegas, not to actually answer any questions or apologize for some of the bumps in the roads.

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Thanks Pieter!

Thanks Pieter!

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members not loading

The members are not loading.on the map, i cant create a new topic on this subjet as i dont see such button, please warmshowers people just take the deam donation money but STOP MESSING UP THIS WEBSITE THAT ALWAYS WORKED JUST FINE !!!!

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create new topic

first you scroll "Show active topics in" 

you select the section then appliquer 

now on the right side of the page you click again on the forum name ie general discussion or blogs and stories 

And THEN you have create a new discussion 


as you see it is VERY intuitive :( 



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Merci, merci, merci. Thank

Merci, merci, merci. Thank you Marie. This has to be one of the absolutely worst and least intuitive forums I've experienced so far ...even those back in the 90's were easier to use.4

Also, for those interested in getting back the forum tabs. When you click on "our forum" on the home page it takes you to "". Just manually go to "" instead and you'll be back to the original layout with the tabs.

It would be nice to have a forum link in the main navigation bar on top as well.




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Merci merci merci and thank

Merci merci merci and thank you to you too, Michelle. That's a great tip! :)

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As you know: the better is

As you know: the better is the enemy of good....

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and annoying

those improvement witch are NOT 

now we have a beautiful web site with nice colors BUT no more appli ,  very slow ,  not intuitif , difficult or impossible to use it during road trip ... 





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phone details - in iPhone view


See Peter K's answer below ...( Thanks Peter !)

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On my android, I see it far

On my android, I see it far far down the page: past the profile, past the hosting information, past the references, past the map. Then there are the phone numbers. Responsiveness is also hidden there. 

I say hidden, because it is not the end of the page. There is all the "news" and some forum messages and the Donate button.

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