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How To Be A Good Guest

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I think the subtitle "Don't

I think the subtitle "Don't assume anything" should maybe be "Don't EXPECT anything (apart from a shower and a place for the tent)".  As a I guest, I don't expect the host to change their plans or daily routine in any way to accommodate me.   I don't expect them to spend any time with me, to provide any food or electricity or laundry facilities, or even invite me inside apart from to use the shower.  Of course I'm happy when they do and I'll make sure I have at least some bread or cheese to contribute to a meal if invited, but the whole point is:  The site is called Warmshowers and that is absolutely all a guest should be prepared to get.    AND it is not an accommodation booking service.  I do not expect a host to commit to hosting me until pretty much the last minute - they have their own life that might cause sudden changes.  Warmshowering is a "bonus" at the end of your day, not a basis for planning your trip.  If you are anyway "expecting" hosts to host you, you are expecting too much.

In short, a good guest would be one that the host, unless they specifically want otherwise, hardly even notices that they have.

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Thanks for sharing good information.

Hi. Thanks for sharing good info cuz i am planning to do bicycle travel and use warm shower. I am glad to see this topic. 

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Thank you

If you plan on biking in the most Southern part of the U.S.A. please say hello or stop for the night.



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