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Cycling Tourist?????

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Cycling Tourist?????

I am not comfortable being identified as a "Cycling Tourist"!

I am not a "Tourist" in the conventional way tourists are identified. As a matter of fact I tend to avoid all aspects of tourist haunts. I see myself as a traveler wanting to discover new cultures by meeting people and interacting with them as much as possible, something tourists generally don't do very much.

  Also, I put in a great deal of effort to get from one place to the other, which is generally not the case with your typical tourist.

I much prefer being identified as a touring cyclist.

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Guess increased mass tourism

Guess increased mass tourism have put some negativity into the tourist concept.

But tourists are of all kinds and the word just mean someone who is touring. So if you are a touring cyclist you can easely by defined as a tourist. Just not the same kind of tourist that are driven around in large groups to see the "main attractions" and Trip Advisor recommendations.

Happy traveling :) 

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