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Is Mexico safe?

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Is Mexico safe?

Please share your experiences in Mexico.

So far all cyclists that stopped by my house have not had any bad experiences but there could be different stories. 

Please share tips about how to be safe.

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Mexico is so dope!

Hi. I've cycled Mexico solo for almost 3 months last winter, starting in Tijuana, down Baja, then mainland, making my way all the way to Belize (and further). From all my cycling travels, Mexico is one of the best countries to tour regarding the culture, people, food and nature. I had a great time with zero issues. Stealth camped many times and got hosted a bunch. I'm sure some bad things happen here and there to cyclists, but that was not my experience. 

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Gracias Boban,

Gracias Boban,

Your comments will be posted in the Warmshowers Mexico facebook group

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Mexico is Great

I'm currently on tour in Mexico, been here about a month and a half. 

The only times I've felt unsafe is the 2 times I've accidentally got on a 3 lane Highway with no shoulder.

The drivers usually give you loads of room, much better than in the USA. I've got lots of waves and support from passing drivers too. 

Most of the people I've spoken to have been really friendly. I've been randomly offered places to stay for the night. One family invited me into their home after I asked to camp on their farm but they insisted that it would be too cold to camp.

I've stealth camped a bunch of times too and never felt unsafe. As long as you follow the general rules of don't be seen and leave no trace it's fine.

Overall I think Mexico is great and feels no more dangerous than any other country I've toured in.

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Currently writing from Mexico

Last 4 months my route was Guatemala --> Belize --> Yucatán --> Chiapas --> Oaxaca --> Acapulco --> Guadalajara

Trying to decide now whether to head for Texas or go up the Baja California peninsula...

Regarding security, I must say after quite a lot of experience camp-cycling in many other countries, that I have felt a bit "unsafe" in Mexico these last couple of may have been the escalating violence (at least according to media), maybe it's been due to the very very remote routes I've taken, or I'm just becoming a bit older and more paranoid, but compared to any other country I've seen many more weapons here and I've been treated as a "suspicious visitor" in quite a few remote communities, specially in Chiapas (where they've got the Zapatistas EZLN problem), in Oaxaca's Sierra Sur isolated mountain villages (where they hardly spoke Spanish) and after 10 years of traveling around the world I was finally asked for money from a guy with a gun and had to pay for the first time...he didn't need to hold it, though, just lift his jacket to let me see it  :-)  Problem is after this single incident I became a bit paranoid and for a few days all the fears that mexican people had already instilled in me because of traveling solo on a bike through the "hot-crime states" became a concern...

But to be honest, 95% of my time here has been wonderful, have met extremely nice, humble and generous people, have stealth-camped most of my nights, been invited to meals and to spend the night, great food, some of the best mountain-routes I've ever ridden, etc,'s just been a couple of incidents that have really scared me, but I'm probably exaggerating because I'm not used to see firearms so close and there was no real danger to my life, just felt treated as a suspect as opposed to a visitor a couple of times and then felt some "foreigners-not-welcome" a few times usually from drunk men...also partied with drug-dealers and no problems at all, great fun as long as you are respectful and in good terms with them ;-)

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