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Please review: Proposed Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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Please review: Proposed Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We've never had a formal Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, although the FAQ has always dealt with these issues. In the process of getting our act together as an organization, we've written up some of the simplest Terms and Privacy Policy we can come up with, but would appreciate your review of these before they get finalized. Please comment below if you have concerns, additions, corrections, or legal advice.

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Couchsurfing? Terms of use §5

I see there's "Couchsurfing" in the terms of use §5:
"represent and warrant that such entity agrees to indemnify you and Couchsurfing for violations of these Terms in accordance with this Section...."

As for the privacy policy...well, cristal clear!

Keep on the good work, and thanks for creating WS!


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Whoops, thanks :-) Fixed.

Whoops, thanks :-) Fixed.

As you'd expect, these are built from a number of other org's terms statements.

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