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Are good manners a thing of the past?

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Are good manners a thing of the past?

On October 12 a Scott Hinkson contacted me about a stay on November 9..give or take a day. i answered immediately, like I always do and said sure.  He stated he would keep me notified via text as he got closer.  Well, I certainly understand the viccissitudes of cycling and on Nov. 13, I sent him a message and asked his plans.  I got a quick, short reply saying he would "no longer be needing or using WS."

Soooo...I left him a neutral feedback.  And OMG...the texts I have been getting from this cyclist...he accused me of slander, said I had no understanding of cycling..said he was in the touring industry..said he had great feedback....(Not so, he only had one feedback from a host)   Soooo...I went to feedback and was going to change it from neutral to negative.  He deserved it...but editing wouldn't allow it, as he cowardly, deleted his account.  

He sent tyrades of texts...insisted that I remove feedback...Really?  I'm sorry...I've been hosting a VERY long time and I have for the most part, had the pleasure of leaving positive feedback for guests.  Rarely, there is a guest who deserves, imo, something less than positive.  

Isn't that what the feedback system is all about?  Should a honest assessment warrant angry texts, intimidation and a tantrum in general?  

He also said he was going to "report me" to Warmshowers....

Scott Hinkson is his name.  He is no longer registered.

He said he "works in the bicycle tourism industry" I googled him.  Found lots of blogspots, facebook, etc.  GoFundMe projects that were pitifully short of goals...But nothing really in the bicycle tourism industry turned up.  You'd think I'd find something....



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You are one of the best hosts on the Southern Tier!

You are better than this guy.  I would just block his texts and be done with him.


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