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"My Guest" tab in my profile

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"My Guest" tab in my profile

Hi everybody,

I have had several guests but on my profile page, the tab My Guests is still empty, just a mention: No guests found.
Is it a bug, or do I need to do some manipulation to update the statistics.

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"My Guest" tab in my profile

Hi Bernard.

As far as I can tell this is a new feature and only records guests who have applied to stay using the recently revised Hosting Request form. As this form has only been active for the past couple of weeks, guests from before this time will not appear in the 'My Guests' tab. When I check my own 'My Guests' tab the only guests listed there are those from the past two weeks since the form was revised. The tab lists the names of the guests and includes their written message.

While we are on this topic it's worth noting that the Guest's profile pictures are currently broken on this tab and that css styles for the tab will need to be tweaked as the text for the guest's messages slightly overlap each other (Mac Firefox browser). I'm sure both these issues will be an easy fix for the site developers.



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Missed Guest

I clicked on the tab last night and saw I had a guest request from November.  I never received a notice so we missed the opportunity to host.

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re: Missed Guest

Sounds like a bug. I received a request email as well as having the request appear in the My Guests tab. Until the first post in this thread alerted me to the existance of the My Guests tab I hadn't noticed it and therefor hadn't looked to see what was in it. Check your junk mail folder. It's always possible that in reformulating the way the request system works that the code in the emails has changed in such a way to trigger junk filters in some email system. I've looked at the raw code in both older and the latest request emails and can't spot anything obvious - but filters for the gmails and hotmails of the world tend to be a bit fussier and less forgiving than me.