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Cycling in South America

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Cycling in South America


My name is Halime, I have start to bike around South America the last six months I was in Peru, Bolivia, North Argentina and now in Chile very near to reach Concepcíon. I have learn about this wonderful site just few weeks ago and now I break the ice. If some good soul would want to host me on the way it will be a pleasure to share stories & good vibes.

Now I will go to Pucón by Temuco then Barriloche and come back to Chile to enjoy the South (Puerto Montt, cartera austral). After Chile, I will be in Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay I hope that we will meet somewhere my bikers friend. 


See you soon! 


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Wow, that is where I'm headed

Wow, that is where I'm headed, Concepción Chile.  I started in Utah US and am currently in Mexico City, I have a LONG way to go.

You should get the app if you have a smart phone or tablet, it has a map that shows where all the hosts are and you can click on them and send them a message.  The odds of finding a host through the forums is pretty slim.

Also don't be picky, blanket all the hosts with requests in the area where you'll be staying, I find that I get fewer responses on WS than Couchsurfing.  I don't like using CS though because they don't have a map feature and often live 30 miles from where I thought!  Also a lot of CS hosts don't have space for a bicycle. . .

Good luck though!  I've met a lot of amazing people through this site!

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Thank you for your advices, I

Thank you for your advices, I have download the app and I will start to use it. 

Wow, you have a long trip in front of you, I wish you a good ride and enjoy it as much as possible.

All the best.

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Hello! When in Brazil, contact us. My profile has my mobile phone and my exact location. Doubts, just contact me. I have bad english, but I guarantee that I like to help ;) 

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Where do you live Marcos?   I might be biking  in your area later this winter     thanks   Dale 

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Thanks Marcos I will contact you when I reach Brazil. And don't worry for the english my Portuguese isn't better haha.  See you soon! 

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Holà todos,

Holà todos,

I am also in chile but I am going to the north.

I start by the carretera austral 2 months ago, amazing landscapes and many riders, be careful, there was a big problem with the rio a villa Santa Lucia.

And now I crossed Santiago and follow the coast en direction de La Serena.

I plan to be on Bolivia on March and the goal is Colombia.

I auto stop sometimes when the road is too dangerous.

If somebody are going to the nord, it will be a pleasure too share the road



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guerilla camping

Hallo Halima,

Around Pucon there are some nice campgrounds. In Pucon itself there is also one, quit convenient. From there downsouth you can do guerilla/free camping. Along the Carretera Austral it is very easy to camp whereever you want, for free ! The campgrounds of Pumalin have the best scenery you have ever seen, definitely the best in S-America (and I have been around), do not miss them. There are also a few casas cyclistas like in El Chalten, in Puerto Natales, casa rosada near Calafate, the bakery in Tolhuin, etc. You can sleep also on abondend campsites, twice I stayed in an empty hotel, at the customs buildings (Chile site Tierra del Fuego), in the little shacks which are made to shelter against the wind for laborours while waiting for some transport. Some are very convenient. A tip: when you see another ciclyst come from the other direction just ask them where they spent the night that day. Good luck, Bernard

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Thanks a lot for all those informations I am very near to reach Pucón so you explain to me everything that I have to know at thw right moment. I do all the time free camping but can be pleasant to be in a campground to chill and to share with people.

Wish you all the best. 


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Hello if you come here to patagonia, were at Epuyen, its a little town with a great lake ann isnt mainstream like other sites. Were in a forest farm building our lives here with our family, we host warmshowers freely since past year and were happy to share our place with all of you. For more info please entry our profile.

Good trip

Mariano, rocio, nino and Benito :)

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Yes it's really possible that I have to pass near to Epuyen. So I keep your contact and I will.join you on the way. 

Thank you.

Have a nice day. 

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Hola Halima, si entras a

Hola Halima, si entras a Carretera Austral, pasa a vernos.

buena ruta, saludos

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¡En Brasil tiene un amigo! Cualquier cosa basta enviar mensaje.

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