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my name isn't showing up when it's searched!

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my name isn't showing up when it's searched!

Hi, can anyone help me with this? 

I live in Istanbul and I've been on warmshowers for 12 years, hosting about a hundred people. But for the last two years there hasnt' been a single request. I just searched for "istanbul" and my name isn't showing up anywhere on the list.

But my profile is still active and it shows up if I'm searched for by name. 
I miss having guests! How can I get my name back on the "Istanbul" list? 

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You mean using the keyword

You mean using the keyword search? That's not how I would search for a host, the map or list search based on location would be more reliable but certainly I meet members who use it. It seems the keyword search is not very good at parsing all location details - you appear when searching for Levent or even "Levent, Istanbul" but not Istanbul even though you also mention Istanbul in your profile.

You do appear on map searches and I assume list searches for Istanbul (haven't gone trawling through all the pages to check) - at least part of the reason for your not receiving any requests is the enormous growth in members in WS over the last few years. The list search is ordered by distance from city centre so you will be dropping down as new members appear (especially since new members too lazy to mark their map position or enter more location data beyond city and country will go straight to the top of the list). Looking at the map there are just so many members closer to central Istanbul that you will probably struggle to get much attention (this isn't necessarily a good thing for the tourer either as so many report problems finding active hosts, huge numbers of those profiles will be members who signed up with no intention to host but were marked available by default - a long-standing WS policy that nobody has been able to explain to the community). Until there are filter and sorting options related to last log-in, years as member, number of guests hosted, response rate etc, you are unfortunately going to find it hard to get many requests.

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Istanbul is one of my favorite cities and hope to visit with my daughter soon, alas not on bikes. One reason for the big decline in hosting requests can be the general downturn in tourism in Turkey. Depending upon the source, tourism is down in Istanbul by a third to 40%. While London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris, among others, have unfortunately experienced incidents, their tourism number have remained steady. Generally it has been mostly bad news coming out of Turkey for the past several years, scaring away many potential guests.

All the best


Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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FWIW : I noticed a while back that at least one Member in Istanbul mentioned in a Comment at these Forums that he deliberately set himself as " central istanbul" ( precisely so he could attract more visitors) when in fact he was somewhere else, not far, but not central either. he just set himself to be high on the list, so he could " harvest' requests ahead of 'the competition".

I have noticed at least one member in my own city who does the same thing, and I have the intuition that this may be a common phenomenon.

Our organisation is indeed a very broad one, and from my own Point of View, i often find it hard to believe I am in the same "goodwill" "gorganisation as some other members.

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When "the competition"

When "the competition" consists mainly of members with little investment in the community who signed up filling out the minimum necessary on their profile with the intention of using WS as a guest or checking it out later (thus getting marked as available to host and being located at 0 km from the centre of their city which puts them straight at the top of the list ahead of genuine hosts) I don't have much of a problem with this within reasonable limits of distance.

Unfortunately WS still hasn't even arrived at the stage of recognising this as a problem so I can only see it getting worse. If a member in a large city wishes to host and wishes guests to find them by putting themselves amongst the far greater numbers of time wasters clogging the host lists then good luck to them - I think most members who have experienced the tribulations of searching for hosts in populated areas would consider it a favour.

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