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Ride in Japan

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Ride in Japan

Hello everyone,


My name is David, i’m actually riding through Korea and I plan to continue to Japan starting the last week of January.

Does any one want to join?


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Hi David, we cannot join you

Hi David, we cannot join you but are interested in the weather and riding conditions this time of year? We are thinking of making Korea our next trip.


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southern Japan weather

Hi, I'm a host in northern Japan. From Korea, many cyclists take a ferry to Kyushu. Winter weather there averages around 5 degrees; mountains get some snow. Winters are usually dry in Japan, aside from mountain snow. On the very helpful Facebook group "Bicycle touring, hiking and friends in Japan" I'm reading a cyclist's posts in Shikoku. Getting to Okinawa takes more work, but the islands there are beautiful, & the warmest in Japan. Cherry trees start blooming there in mid January; the earliest blooms in Kyushu are from about mid March. You could follow the cherry blooming north. More cherry info: Not sure if Taiwan has spring flowers; hardly necessary on a trip, but something nice.

Hope your trip is going well

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Thanks for your useful

Thanks for your useful informations!


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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,


i just finish my road on the east cost of Korea, from Seoul to Busan. It was gorgeous. And there where nobody on the road. And îm fkkishing with Jeju Island.

If you climb a bit, it could be very cold (under 0C) but for the rest, with good clothes it’s Ok

also, if you want a cheap way to sleep, ask for 24h Spa, they offer rest room and it’s really cheap (max 7000won)





PS: if you want a map, I can give you mine by private message. I suggest to use google is not working in Korea.

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Hey David

Hey, great to hear of your ride! Not sure where you'll be landing in Japan but it will be equally as cold maybe a little warmer if you land in Kyushu. I have noticed that it is getting warmer earlier each year. (I love Japan) But you should be set if you just rode through Korea. Japan will be a breeze for you logistically as there are conbini with delicious food, coffee (Ok, maybe not as good as France, lol) and you have many hostel, guest houses, ryokan and minshuku. As a last minute option, you can go to a 24 hr internet cafe but you may have to start a membership and they usually have very limited/no english ability. Not as many campsites but what they have is quite nice. Kyushu and most of Japan, including the Kanto Plains(!), is quite hilly! but you should be conditioned for it now.

Just so that you know, google maps is not available in offline mode in Japan, I used, & Locus Maps. I can send you my .KML file of my route if you need or give you recomendations depending on where you want to go. Feel free to drop me a line with any question I may be able to help you with.