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I read the FAQ and searched forums and didn't find the answer to my question, so I'd like to ask here...


When a host checks the SAG option as something they offer, does that mean that they have a place for a SAG vehicle to park or that they are offering SAG to the cyclist? My boyfriend assumes it's the former, and that seems to make the most sense, just wanted to check to make sure I'm understanding it right.


Thanks in advance :)


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SAG could mean however you explain SAG service on your profile. We have SAG listed as a service as we have picked up or dropped off cyclists beginning or ending their trips from our hometown. In a couple of cases we have dropped off or picked up cyclists from the train station. These SAG experiences been selected through prior communication. After a lot of discussion, we once let a cyclist park his car for tour of a large part of the state we live in but we have refused to allow an RV to park in order to visit our town.  We once picked up 2 cyclists nearly 50 miles from our home in a desparate mechanical breakdown situation otherwise we rarely transport cyclists to a destination in town. So in the end we basically make a case by case decision on how to use our vehicle as we only have one for the 2 of us. I hope that helps. 


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It does help, thanks for the

It does help, thanks for the info!

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