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Europe Perimeter Mar-Oct 2018: Portugal - Holland - Greece

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Europe Perimeter Mar-Oct 2018: Portugal - Holland - Greece

Open to ride with a relaxed, adventurous, financially independent travel companion to explore Europe by bike together, or meet up for sections along the way.

I'll fly to Madrid Spain in March and will try to wrap it up by end of October. 
The route roughly goes south from Madrid through Granada, Cordoba, Seville to the Mediterranean, follow the coast to Portugal, 
and then essentially follow the Atlantic Coast through Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, 
then South along the Danube through Eastern Europe to Greece.

My background is in environmental and rural development projects in developing countries, living in Asia, Africa, South America for a few years each.
In 2016 I biked 3000 kilometers from the Baltic through Germany and France to the Mediterranean.
In 2017 I did a 5000 mile loop from California to Yellowstone National Park, through Nevada and Idaho to the Montana/Wyoming border, then south on the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Trail through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico to the Mexico Border. Then turned west along the border through New Mexico and Arizona back to California, following the Coast north to San Francisco.

My average per day ranged around 50 miles in the US, in Europe less, depending largely on interesting stops along the way, detours or rest days as needed.
I plan to use mostly rural roads and bike trails, some unpaved.

I'm flexible on accommodation but enjoy traveling low cost. On past trips I mostly camped 'wild' to avoid noisy campgrounds, and occasionally stayed with Warm Showers hosts, which became one of the highlights as a personal introduction into local culture and traditions.

I speak English, French, German, Spanish, and some Portuguese.

Enjoy taking time to explore highlights, hike peaks, explore the ancient cultures and protected areas, ski virgin snow, live with the local people, improve salsa and tango first hand, enjoy the best food, taste wines, surf, dive, kayak, etc.

You should be travel-experienced on bike tours and multi-day hikes, have some experience off-pavement /mountain biking, enjoy low-budget travel (mostly camping, WarmShowers / Couch Surfing, occasionally staying in local guesthouses, etc...), reliable, trust-worthy, a good biking/hiking/skiing buddy, uncomplicated, financially independent.

I prefer freedom from smoking, drugs, dramas, rushing, snoring :-) 
A dog might be ok if proven to master the distances, and you take full responsibility and care for the admin and costs involved.

We could get to know each other at least via Skype.

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Similar Timing

Hi Derek - I am landing in Lisbon with Bike late Feb and will be hitting road aournd 3/1.  I haven't decided if I will head Sourth to explore Alagarve and over to Spain or Head North to follow the Coast along EV 1 route.   Converting from Moto touring to pedal power touring - this is my first bycycle tour.  My experience with Moto touring is I really enjoy meeting fellow travelers on the road and riding together for as long as interests align. I am not really looking for a full time touring partner - but am always interested in meeting others on the road for as little as a lunch or riding together for a while if it feels right for both of us. What is your time frame for being along the coast of Portugal? Perhaps our paths will cross . .... Gregg


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Portugal section

Hey Gregg,

Sorry for late reply. Seems I don't get notifications of replies to my post, though the box is checked. Three people luckily contacted me via the messaging/email system, which worked. So best write to me that way.

Currently I think I'll be crossing from Spain into Southern Portugal around March 23 and follow the coast West and North to Lisbon, at least I'm trying to meet up with family there by early April for a few days.

By mid April I should be heading north from Lisbon area along the coast towards Santiago de Compostela.


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Hello from Finland.

Hi, if you make it as far as Finland and are heading to or from North Cape then welcome to Pieksämäki, we are kind of on the way. We are about 300 km North of Helsinki. Come in Summer - that's usually about 3 days in July if we are lucky. Good luck with your travels.

Jim Fullwood.

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3 days of Summer in Finland

Hey Jim,

Thank you for the invite, and the useful weather advisory. I'll contact you in June or as soon as I get a sense if I can hit that 3 day summer window. I trust it's epic!