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New website is very difficult.

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New website is very difficult.

Is it just me? I am exasperated by this web site upgrade. I feel like a total luddite. What happened to the map? That made it much easier. Now I feel like I go round and round typing in the same info and getting zero results. I know there are hosts in Perth, WA. But the site is giving me hosts in places like Queensland and telling me 112 kilometers. It’s only sheer luck that I’ve found hosts. Immabout to give up. It should not be this difficult.

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not just you

no, it is not just you. I just feel the same. The new version of the site is very very bad ...


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Map is there

I get the map (but in a different color) if I am on the home page.  When I click the "warmshowers" logo in the upper left of the screen, it takes me to the home page and the map appears just fine.  From there, I do the the "Search By Location" (Australia) and add "Perth" to the "City or State/Province" and it auto populates a few "Perth" location, one of which is Western Austrailia.  If you just put in "Perth, WA", the wbsite might be thinking you mean "Perth, Washington, USA" which actually does not exist. I don't know about that last part, just guessing.

You are indeed correct in that there are 44 hosts currently listed in Perth, WA, Australia.  Hope this helps, John

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Please go back to the

Please go back to the previous design. This one is absolutely unintuitive and I'm getting sick at all the troubles I'm finding. I could be more constructive and give you a list, but the developers should already be aware of it and be recovering the backup files. Please.

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Yes, the new website is very difficult

I had not been on the site since last year as we are about to host our first rider of the year.  I couldn't believe that Warmshowers made it worse instead of better.  Whatever developers you used you should get your money back.  I plugged in Pittsburgh PA in the search box and it comes back with no results.  I had to enter information 3 or 4 times to get it to give me the correct results.

Also, another aggravation is when you're reading the feedback on an individual riders profile you can only do one at a time and then have to go back to the previous page to get to the next one.  I think if you're reviewing a prospective guest's or host's profile feedback you want to be able to scroll through it one after another not keep going back to the previous page to get to the next entry.

I have donated to Warmshowers in the past but I think they have not used the funds wisely if they made the site much much worse.  The original site was actually user-friendly.

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Not a soul from WS deigning

Not a soul from WS deigning to respond to posts like these has become the norm here. The open source code base was dropped with no consultation. They have been unable to even inform their members of the details of the license this code was written under, if anyone at WS is sufficiently familiar with it to debug/upgrade in the future or if these tasks will need to be outsourced to the same firm.

These are the fruits of the WS membership's more than $50,000 in annual donations.

Hey, but I hear Vegas was a blast.

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New website is difficult...

If you are experiencing difficulty using the 'new' website and own a smartphone load the app and use that instead. It makes finding hosts simple and links well with both Google maps and the Warmshowers site and its maps.

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