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The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland

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The Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland

May 1st begins my 7th long distance USA solo bike tour since retirement, but this one will continue further north, up to where those folks talk funny.  I tend to pack in a lot for each trip due to my advancing age.  I don't know how many rides I have left.  The adventure begins in Mississippi, following the Natchez Trace to Nashville, TN where I will cut over to the Appalachian Mountains and catch the Blue Ridge Parkway up into Virginia.  I will then parallel the Appalachian Trail to its USA terminus in Maine before continuing on into Canada, through the Maritimes to Newfoundland.  

When my bicycle touring first began, I quickly came to realize that the Warmshowers connection and the use of other hospitality sites were a very important part of my ride. It's the people one may encounter on a journey that determines the level of enjoyment. Every host that I have met was interesting in their own way and a culture unto themselves. Camping is fine, motels are okay, but that means you are only passing through. The opportunity to connect with those generous and hospitable enough to bring a stranger into their home should not be ignored. These are like-minded quality people, the best I have found anywhere. We learn and grow through interaction, not through isolation.

I'm a social animal and post photos/video with comments to a Facebook ride page almost daily along the route in order not to forget.  And I try new things on each adventure.  Last year I added an EBO electric assist to my touring bike and it worked fabulously.  I conquered our three main mountain ranges with a gentle hand urging me along.  This year it's a drone and two new cameras.  I tend to damage or obliterate a camera every year so this time I am going to test the durability of the Olympus Tough. Indestructable they say.  In addition, I will be posting 360 degree shots of points of interest with a Ricoh Theta SC.  And a couple other items have been included that you have never seen before.

Follow if you like for the four months of the expedition.  Mileage is around 4,000 plus.  Hope to see you out there.  

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Red lines in the photo are past rides.

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:) Newfoundland

why do those down south keep thinking the Appalachian trail ends in Maine... I've hiked parts of it in Gaspie (however that is a little north of your intended route. 


In Newfoundland you must visit GrosMorne national park, I'd say get out to St Anthony's but i never advise a dead end route and you will get a lot out of visting twilingate. please try to get there in end of june, july for the icebergs and whales, if not well it doesn't matter just make sure you have rainproof gear. It will rain, it will be windy. but it is totaly beautiful. If you need help in St John's do contact me, I have a few friends there that might be able to help out.

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Hey Justin: Thanks for your

Hey Justin: Thanks for your feedback. ...I knew the AT extended into Canada but it would have put me way off the track. More important, I do wish to see the Maritimes and this may be a last opportunity. I know absolutely nothing about the area and I will be reading up on it and I hope to follow your suggestion about GrosMorne. What is the best vantage point to seeing the icebergs and whales? Is St. Johns, NF recommended? ...It's guys like you who make my trip. I appreciate you getting involved. Jack Day

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Icebergs, St Anthony's, Twillingate, the Bonavista Pennisula (which you have to go to anyways becuase well you just have to for Puffins, the Social Club restuarant, there is a new micro brewery). Twillingate is a place I almost never left, sadly the road to and out is not that particularly exiciting, but neither is the main highway. Though the coast starts to pick up more once you get closer to Bonavista. Also Madrocks cafe is another must, for good authentic Island food, but that's the next penninusla down from Bonnavista.

St john's is hit and miss for icebergs, sometimes they are there, but Bonnavista is where i always seemed to stumble across whales and icebergs (sometimes even in august). Sadly, the island is huge, and you will have to make some choices and make sure you pay attention to the winds even with a loaded bike on your back or from the side they can be something else. The Irish loop as some beautiful spots and the lighthouses anywhere on the island are stunning

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Highlights of Newfoundland

Justine, your enjoyable advise covers lots of ground for a cyclist. Maybe the way to see as much as possible is to pedal to certain locations and rent a car or motorcycle for excursions.

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Back roads and alternative route ideas

Hi Jack,

My husband and I did an Atlantic Canada tour in 2011, starting from Moncton (New Brunswick) , and joining my nephew in Deer Lake ( Newfoundland), and ending in St. John’s.

We loved Newfoundland for its friendly people and different-than-mainland-Canada history, but the Trans Canada Highway is not ideal cycling. We managed two segments off the TCH that gave us a nice change. One detour was to take Hwy 380 to Triton where my nephew had arranged that a fisherman would take us by boat to Leading Tickles, and then we cycled Hwy 350 back to the TCH. My nephew contacted the chamber of commerce (or similar) in Triton to arrange this. We saw humpback whales as we crossed, though only from a distance. This détour allowed us to visit a museum about the Beothuk indigenous people, now extinct. And as we approached the east coast, we left the TCH on Hwy 13 to go puffin watching at Witless Bay Ecological Réserve, and to visit Cape Spear (a blast of a descent!) which is the easternmost point in North America, then approach St. John’s from the south. These smaller roads made a good alternative route.

I have a wild and crazy idea of returning someday to start in St. John’s, riding SW, taking south coast ferry to Burgeo, riding north to St. Anthony and historic site of Viking settlement, ferry from Ste. Barbe to Blanc Sablon, Québec, then westward by ferry along north shore of St. Lawrence till road starts, then ride (very hilly at first) all the way to Montreal. 

Happy Planning,




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