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hmmmm dont feel great about this phone call.

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hmmmm dont feel great about this phone call.

i received a phone call about a potential visitor. When i hear he knows about this site that is okay... but he says hes traveling by bus? I feel this does not fit the frame around why i wanted to be a host. Help me feel more comfortable about this issue im having...

-my home is not for couch surfing
-if this person wants to stay for 3 days... but maybe 4??? doesnt speak fluent english...
-i dont know him from Jack......
-comes from Italy and cant cook....?? WTF.......
hmmm idk what to do..

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Bikes Only

Direct him to

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Please say no whenever you're uncomfortable

Please, please ALWAYS say "no" when you're uncomfortable in any way, or when hosting is inconvenient for you.

Some other thoughts:

  • You may want to consider feedback on the user's profile saying that they contacted you when not traveling by bike.
  • You may want to add a note to your own profile saying "Only for people traveling by bike". This is a given, and is in the Rules, but still...
  • If you're uncomfortable being contacted by phone, do feel free to remove your phone number from your profile. It's optional.
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Non bikers

The selfish reasons you want bicyclists as guests is they are usually dead tired when they get there and just want to eat, sleep and get a "Warm Shower" before heading of in the early morning. All the others are free loaders who are to much trouble.

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"All the others are free

"All the others are free loaders who are to much trouble."

I'm an avid cyclist *and* general traveler, and this is silly. All the users of CouchSurfing, Hospitality Club, etc., are not freeloaders. One of the best weekends I've ever had was while hosting a French couple via CouchSurfing - we had great conversations and they cooked great French dinners every night!

Obviously hosts should not say yes to anyone if they are uncomfortable, but please try to keep an open mind.

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Tell him you can't help him

Tell him you can't help him on the selected dates and politely redirect him to CouchSurfing.

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Your house, your rules, your comfort

As the host, you call the shots.

If you want to host ONLY bicyclists, do exactly that.

If you don't feel comfortable with a request, say, "No;" you are under NO obligation to say why.

If you feel so inclined, point this person to another hospitality site like Couchsurfing.

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Non-Cyclists Contact

I agree with all the above, please use the feedback button on the caller's profile to register your concerns.

Generally, I will not host non-cyclists that contact me through warmshowers. I wiil make an expection when the member has hosted cyclists in the past, but for some reason is not cycling when in my neighborhood.

Robert Mink
Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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Uncomfortable? - Then the answer is Sorry, no thanks.

You have no obligation, and should feel okay saying no.

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thanks everybody! i

thanks everybody! i appreciate the warm responses. imho there is a BIG difference between... im riding through on my bike on my hundred mile trek..... AND

Im coming to your town to see if i want to move there... for three or maybe four days..... and im traveling by bus.

er no thx.

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