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New York City - hosts required please

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New York City - hosts required please

Hi Hi

I will  post requests one at a time as usual but i thought I'd try this general post as well. I know its very  early but this is a general  request to see what might be out there or any tips for other options as well.

I'm heading to NYC for a whole month in October 2018. I'm either taking my bike or going to buy a second hand one when i get there so that i can  ride out of the city at least once a week and do some all day rides and maybe a little riding about the city as well - though I've been told to worry about theft.

But basically my tour is to and around NYC. I had hoped to use airBNB for accommodation. I can afford AUD$30/US$22 per night but this is pretty low for new york and i found out about this whole illegal thing with Airbnb and so now I'm worried that i may not find any accommodation that i can afford. Not to mention the astronomical price of backpackers hostels but really, at 54, I'm too old for dorm rooms these days. So I figured i'd look into couchsurfing as well as warm showers. Because i'm not strictly on a bicycle tour i'm not sure that WS is the right place but anyway, there's no harm in asking. Readers note, I've been a warm showers member for a long time. 

I thought i can pay my way but would like to find a room in a house or apartment for a week or more up to one month (might need to find several hosts). I figured if some people rent out their rooms in their own houses, maybe a host might go for that too. I really don't mind to pay a bit or to make amends by buying groceries or taking hosts out for a meal  - whatever the hosts wants. But i would ideally like to find a room in  one of the main inner suburbs of New York - Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhatten, something like that i think. 

Actually it could even be a bit further out  as i'm going to get a train pass as well and i don't really know how the place operates. 

I'd like a simple setup with a room for myself, access to a kitchen and laundry if you have one and somewhere to keep my bike safe. Nice people. No drugs or complications. And i'd need to be able to come and go as i need. I will be doing a lot of sightseeing so out a lot of the time but i like to sleep in mornings quite often. But i'm friendly and happy to socialise if hosts like that. 

I'm tidy and dont leave my stuff lying about outside my room - not in the bathroom or anywhere else. I try to be a respectful and appreciative guest. I can help with  the usual chores. I can share cooking or cook for myself - i just eat spaghetti! I don't smoke, do drugs but like a social drink. 

I'm not religious. 

My tourist interests are music - opera, jazz; visual art, especially Contemporary and American, contemporary craft, dance, american history just because that's where i am but im not really a history buff, american culture for the same reason; Fall in the parks and gardens; American food; classical music; markets, general tourist experiences like walking the brooklyn bridge, views etc . Homes of famous people like poets and artists. Architecture. Window shopping. There's so much to do in NY and i'm doing a lot of research so i can plan my choices. 

Any advice or offers of hosting, i'd love to hear from you. 

Me, I'm 54 female, single, non-smoker. I've done eight solo bike tours - Japan, India, France, Australia, New Zealand etc. I've been a host on warm showers and couchsurfing. I love animals. I can take your dog for a walk. :-) I have to leave mine at home. This will be my first real trip to the US. I've only ever been to LA for two days and that was back in  1986. 


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