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Companion wanted

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Companion wanted

Malaysia by bike. I arrive KL April 11, 2018. Would like some company for all or part. I’ll be there at least a month, maybe longer. No real plan or agenda yet except quieter roads. Would like to  explore jungles and beaches. Not too into the party scene. 20-90k a day. Me: Female riding mostly dirt and gravel when I can find it. I’m not interested in cycling busy highways. I also travel light on a steel 26” wheel Troll. Not a go fast bike. I love to eat street food and camp or sleep cheap. I use WS etc.

You: young or old, male or female, veg, omnivore, carnivore, opportunivore whatever.  not a drunk or a stoner. Like to camp (sleep in a hammock). Do not need to ride a hundred k a day. Good sense of humor. Have some experience (even if it’s just a weekend ride).  Robin

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