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My trip - 6 month - 3 coasts in Usa and Australia - beginning in April 2013

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My trip - 6 month - 3 coasts in Usa and Australia - beginning in April 2013

Hello, i'm Bastien, a french guys, 31 years old, i live near Lyon in France.
2013 is the time for me to make a big trip, so i'm stopping my Job for 6 month,
i'm charging my things on my bike and let's go.

I will start my travel at Miami the 1 april, i want go to key west and after go north west florida through the golf.
After go to Washington through the east coast.

I don't want cross the center of USA therefore i take a flight for Seatle.
Here i follow the coast up to Los angeles.

I have to be at LA to take my flight the 18 june.

The second part of my trip will be the east coast of Australia, i will arrive at Cairns the 3 or 4 july.
I will ride my bike up Sydney, here i will take a flight for Wellington in New zealand for past almost 15 days on the east of the north island.

Here you can read my blog :

I share my project with you, for obtain some informations who can be useful for other persons, find some hosts during my trip and share my experiences.

First i search a host near Key Largo, because the states parcs are full.

Thanks you, and i hope i will meet lot of great people.

My english is not very good, i always need to use the google translator, but i'm working for increase my level.

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Hello, in first i need some

Hello, in first i need some informations about the cheaper solution to camp along the East Greenway.

Contrary at the West coast, the campgrounds and state parks have not, low prices for bikers hikers.

Anyone has any information about this?


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Hi Laurent, Have you checked

Hi Laurent,

Have you checked the warmshower's hosts map? There are many hosts in Florida, and even one in Key West.

I gave Ivan your email address. I hope you hear from him, as he knows Florida and can help you with any translation.

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Hi, thank you for your

Hi, thank you for your message, i m in miami beach today and tomorow and in key west in 3 days. I wil not sleep at key west, i prefer take the
Ferry at 6pm and sleep at for myers beach. I fund a host with CS.