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Cycling Scandanavia (or France) June-August!

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Cycling Scandanavia (or France) June-August!

Hey friends! I’m new to touring and am planning a trip through either Scandanavia or through France. Am presently very flexible and open to ideas, and would like to camp and Couchsurfing my way through. Am also considering intermittently doing Workways on interesting farms if there is a curious opportunity along the route. I have no preferences for a companion, only that they be patient and flexible and curious to explore throughout the trip. Let’s talk more if anyone is interested :)

Much love,


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any idea of how far you'd go in a day? ... and where?


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still interested in France ?


In June I'm thinking of cycling for 7-10 days in France along the Rhone river  ( I'm planning to take it easy and cover 30-40km per day (for my first trip last year, I tried 70km/day but my knee didn't like it too much...). I think I'll camp and/or warmshower, or couchsurf.

If you're interested, you can write me a private message.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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I’m on myfirst tour right now

I’m on myfirst tour right now, have been in France for six weeks and am now heading toward Sweden to try and get to the Arctic Circle by the solstice, then returning to France in August (perhaps, to meet a friend). I have no setplans, just rolling. France is pleasant but kind of uninteresting so if you want real scenery Scandiland is a better bet.

get in touch if you wish :)

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"France is pleasant but kind of uninteresting " 

I never heard such a strange thing ? 

maybe the nature is greater in scandiland but culture village town history food  is very interresting

(even much more ) in france 

you have a lot of difference betwen britany , dordogne , basque region , chateau de la loire .volcanoes , alps ... 

you have a VARIED  and outstanding landscape in france too 







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Ja, I’m commenting more on

Ja, I’m commenting more on the adventure aspect. Maybe down toward the Pyrenees or Alpine areas there is some interesting cycling, but indeed most of France is more for what you mention.. and we have different measures of what is “interesting” :)
I like France and meant no offence, but for real cycloaventure it’s kind of lacking. It’s all rather too comfortable and laid back to really present anything that expands horizons but probably good if you just want a pleasant ride, castles, and restaurant dining. I only did Bretagne and hald of the Loire this time, though... and the hell of Paris! I’ll get into the south at a later date :)

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YOU  are not interresting

YOU  are not interresting by culturel and aspect and prefere great nature and challenging  tour no problem 

I like very much scandinavia for that and I 'll come back to hike in laponia next august , I also cycle vesteralens and lofotens last year 

but says france or italy or germany is not interresting I think it is a little bit a reductive vision 

if you go in the alps or pyrénées it is completly different from britany , and the landes coast or mediterranéen one is also very different 

I did' nt notice such difference in sweden 

for great adventure don't try the big city or mediterraneen coast in summer time  try massif central ,cantal  causses , lozere , haute loire , ariege ,drome , vercors 

look at the pictures

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okej okej :) 

okej okej :) 

I simply made a simple statement that many people agree with, I was not insulting your country or trying to raise hostility. I know some regions of France have more to see in the nature and I’m sure your suggestions are appreciated.

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and indeed I personally

and indeed I personally really enjoyed my time in Cevennes and Alpine France, although that was doing autostop and camping rather than biking. I will look forward to the Pyrenees :) . I just thought Netta may have more fun up north, but maybe she has different preference as to what a tour should bring us

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Hey Netta! 

Hey Netta! 

I will have my holiday between July and August ad wanna do a cycling trip, I live in Germany and did one long trip last summer

here is my link in cs: