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Found Friends in Peru

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Found Friends in Peru

Hey Everyone.

Thanks for your help and support. My friends have been located!


My friends have gone missing while on bike tour in Peru, S. America. Please spread the word, be on the look out and contact Alena Hand if you hear anything or meet these two lovely people!

Follow the link for the flier with their names, pictures, and more detailed information. Thank you to everyone who has read this and spreads the word. Pase la voz por favor!

Their names are Jamie Neal (female) and Garrett Hand (male) the were last heard from on January 25, 2013 they were supposed to arrive in Lima, Peru at 10:25PM, January 26th, 2013. They have not been heard from since!

Jamie is 27 years old, born 2 December 1985, 5'5" with curly brown hair, blue eyes and pierced nose,
Garrett is 25 years old, born 1 November 1987, 6', green eyes with brown/blonde hair

Both are US citizens bike touring Latin America

Last Seen in Cuzco. Please message Alena Hand if you have seen them or heard from them! Please pass this along to anyone you may know in the Cuzco or Lima area or anyone who has family there!

Thank you for your help and support.


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Thoughts and Prayers.

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other sites


it's a hard time for You. I wish You and Your friends all the best.

These sites could help You to find them:

Take care

Regards Sebastian

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Trying to help. I am in

Trying to help. I am in Quito, Ecuador and will spread the word as much as I can. Saying prayers and hoping they turn up soon!

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posted the flyer on South

posted the flyer on South american explorers - Lima facebook page. Hope this helps.

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I send the pictures to my

I send the pictures to my friends en family in Peru.

Hope you will have news soon !


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they are ok
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Good news

But does anyone see the immaturity of these two not telling anyone of their plans?

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Great and thanks


I've got that very good news and I'm happy about.

I sent information to other sites , too.

Regards and some good time


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Found cyclists

I am glad they are ok!