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UK to Athens starting August 1st - currently in Serbia!

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UK to Athens starting August 1st - currently in Serbia!

Hey, I'm 32 and setting off from Manchester, UK to Istanbul this Summer/Autumn.

Currenty route is looking like London -> Dover for the Eurostar, then Calais to Bruges then St Niklass, then possibly a quick detour into the Netherlands to stop off with friends in Rotterdam then Utrecht. Then down into Germany through Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich before picking up the Eurovelo route along the Danube into Budapest.

After that I'm open to going through Serbia or Romania before Bulgaria and then into Turkey.

I'm planning to take somewhere between 2 and 3 months to do this trip, doing between 60-100km per day I would guess, at a leisurely pace on a fairly loaded touring bike.

If anyone has any tips on routes or advice it would be warmly welcomed, and if anyone is touring in the same direction it would be good to meet up and share some cycling together.

I'm 32, male, from England/Scotland, vegetarian, and easy going! I'm trying to not plan/book that much to keep options open when on the road.

Just updated the title! I'm in Novi Sad at the moment and heading to Belgrade tomorrow if anyone would like to join.

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Hi Adam,

Hi Adam,

I will do a very similar trip but unfortunatelly 20 days later. you can find more details about my trip on the forum and discuss more if you want.



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Hey adam

Hey adam

sounds great, I’m doing Uk to Istanbul right now, currently in Scandinavia having cycled uk to Bruges, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen. - I honestly can’t tecommend the route across north Netherlands enough (LF1 through Zeeland) it’s the best cycle route I’ve ridden, along the coast and super flat and beautiful. 

Ill be into Central Europe in September heading via Budapest and Zagreb before striking easy through Serbia and Bulgaria in October, finishing in Istanbul mid November.

let me know if you think we’ll be in a similar area at any point!




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Eastern Europe

Hi there, 

I've been touring solo for a few weeks now from the UK down to France and up to Scandinavia, 2,500k so far.  I'm in Gothenburg now headed to Stockholm and then have to leave the Schengen region because Canadians only get 90 days to hang out in this part of the world... 

Your route sounds great and would love to join you if you're still looking for a buddy. Do you plan to go by Croatia at any point? I hear is beautiful there. 


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from slovakia

hi if by any chance you will be close to east slovakia will like to meet you and ride few days together towards hungary .Last year i enjoyed the eurolevelov 6from basel  until bratislava, great route, very safe and lovely scenery.

in any case best regards and safe trip

andres sanchez

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Thanks all for your replies!

Thanks all for your replies! I'll message you privately...