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Disappointment with Warmshowers in New Zealand

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Disappointment with Warmshowers in New Zealand

We have been in Warm showers for about a year now and have hosted 9 guests, all of whom gave us good feedback. And already have two sets of guests lined up for next month.

We have just finished a 3 month tour of New Zealand's south island and contacted several hosts looking for accommodation for one night (about 10 all told) and only two bothered to reply! The first was actually on tour when we were passing but gave us much useful information, the second was a very short 'no'.

Has anyone else been in this situation where you host everyone who calls only to be ignored when you ask for the same?

This makes us very doubtful about continuing with Warm showers, why are we hosting when no one is prepare to return the favour? A simple 'sorry, no' would be enough.

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I can understand your disappointment with the individuals who didn't reply, but not disappointment with the Warm Showers undertaking. Just a couple weeks ago I requested lodging from three hosts for three nights and each of them replied and accepted my request. So, things vary; people have their ups and downs. My experience was so wonderful with the people involved that it overshadowed the primary purpose of the trip (bicycling).

So a lot of is it luck, whether you'll get a reply and/or an acceptance. I would strongly caution anyone against regarding their hosting as a "payment" for being hosted. It's hospitality, not barter. In the long run, my experience is that things come out even; but that can't be the point of it.

Ithaca, NY

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pay it forward

We have been to New Zealand twice. We have nothing but praise for the hospitality we received from Warmshowers hosts. They all went above and beyond with everything from providing meals at late hours to shuttling us to the airport.

While I understand your disappointment, there are numerous reasons a request may be ignored. From faulty servers to spam/virus software. While a "no" is a simple response, there can be many personal reasons for not elaborating, much less having to respond to numerous emails.

Please consider hosting warmshowers as a "pay it forward" scheme rather than a barter system. We have likely hosted 5 times as many guests as we have had accommodation. We get endless pleasure and motivation from the stories of the road provided by our guests.

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Also disappointed in Crete

Several no-replys, two too late for us, (weeks ahead for notice) one GREAT experience, one forgot to change his profile. We have hosted several times and would never consider not responding.
If I didn't like the guests profile, I would say we weren't available. Hasn't happened yet though!

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Sorry to hear of your frustration. I have experienced a bit of it at times as well. Concentrate on the positives with Warmshowers! Perhaps a rating system is needed to where reliable and quality hosts are found, but I guess that could get out of hand. Good luck with future tours. There's a bed here if you need it!
Robert & Thora, Western Australia

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While preparing our annual trips in various countries, we try to contact sometimes WSL-people ONLY for information about that specific country or area.
We are rather disappointed about the lack of response at our emails.
Just a short answer with relevant information is an easy and no time consuming fact.

In this time of quick social media like facebook, twitter, fancy cellphones, NO reaction is experienced by us as a RUDE kind of social attitude.

We, the WSL-people, are NO 'free hotels" where you can walk in and walk out when it only suits you.
Respect and gratitude for the way the hosts pay attention to bypassers and biking guests is a normal way to show.
I hope this will improve in the near future.

Peter de Visser

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Only two replies from 10

Only two replies from 10 inquiries is a bad hit rate and cannot be solely due to chance. It is not typical of the hospitality here. I wonder if there was a problem with your email or the message system? (I have had troubles with IE7.) You could try to contact me directly as a test. I will respond if I get your message.

A second factor to consider is that many New Zealanders take their vacation from about Christmas on. It is a very busy time for many from mid December on. Some may have overlooked your inquiry.

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Unbelievable hosts in New Zealand

Our experience is that almost everyone replies quickly and we have had some amazing hospitality from very generous New Zealand hosts in north and South Islands. I can't thank the hosts enough, New Zealand is a very special place and is great for cycle touring and meeting the locals in this way.

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Disappointment with Warm Showers in New Zealand

I'm sorry that you had such a low response here in NZ. I have just had a quick look at your profile and see nothing that would have detered me from offering you a place to stay.(Full enough profile, good references.) You should have contacted me!! :-D I have hosted 8 WS in the past 3 weeks, plus 6 other non WSers.

I hope you don't choose to leave - It's a great community and from your references, you are great representatives of the community. Hugs from NZ.

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No reply

I think there may be a technique in picking hosts as well as taking cyclist in.

Many have joined WS and not logged in again. A sure sign of someone joining purely to use facilities as opposed to meeting fellow riders.

Maybe it was just bad luck but we always reply to any requests or questions.

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Up date

We are back in New Zealand, doing the north this time. We are on the last leg and will be leaving the end of this month.
A total contrast to last year. We have had many responses and everyone we have stayed with has been great.
Thank you all.

Steve & Matt

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re: Disappointment with Warmshowers in New Zealand

I am sorry to hear that. We are NZ based hosts and have found at busy times we can receive to 2-3 warmshowers requests a week. While we do always reply we find that we end up turning some people away so we can have a break. This perhaps is a factor for the hosts you contacted. That said I like the idea suggested that you mark them as unresponsive.

Best regards


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