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New Host, Text Messages, Feedback

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New Host, Text Messages, Feedback

I am a fairly new member to WS and signed up mostly to be a host with the intent to eventually tour more and be a guest.  I was unaware of the email response rate until recently, mea culpa, I will work on that.  

Since signing up as a host I have received quite a few requests via text message, I put my phone number in my listing, and have generally quickly responded to texts.  This shows up nowhere.

Since signing up I have hosted riders on six ocasions.  I really try to roll out the welcome mat for riders and be a good host.  To date I have received no feedback, good, bad, or indifferent.  

This is troublesome since I intend to use the service as a guest in the future.  I would like to start by having good feedback as a host, but this is not happening.


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Just tell one of your guests

Just tell one of your guests that you need feedback for the reason that you need to use the network yourself as a traveler. Maybe tell two guests. I am sure that you’ll find some people willing to be helpful like that But after you already have a minimum of feedback on your profile, it does not make much of a difference to using the network if you get more feedback, unless you have (like some members) a desire for bragging rights that seems a bit extreme.

And thanks for being a host who puts his phone number in his profile! There are less and less such hosts since the recent website redesign that discourages that (due to supposed "safety fears", even though hospitality exchange communities – WS included at one time – have operated successfully for years with mobile phone contact). I agree that it might be frustrating that all the effort you have been making is not visible, but as I said, it really only takes 1–2 pieces of feedback as a host to be an attractive guest to other members.

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Be the first writing a feedback


saw that you gave only one feedback.

When travelling usually peole look ahead: where to go, which route to take, will the weather be fine, where to sleep,...
If you give a feedback they will remember you easier and put a note on WS. In most of cases travellers remember their hosts - sometime we get postcards weeks and months after hosting ((-;
Take care
Michaela and Herbert

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Thanks for the reply

Since most of my requests have been via text, I do not have an opportunity to respond on WS.  I will make an effort in the future to get names and leave feedback on WS.

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Post your guest feedback first , see what happens next.

Allan, I host a lot of last second guests, I have the longest profile on WS and it's a freaking slog to read my profile.  But. as I'm sometimes never home and want guests to be able to use the property without me being on site It's detailed.  Now,  I've found more feedback comeing my way IF I post feedback first (great communication, kept yard spotless etc) and sometimes even though the guest seemed to have had a great time and we shook hands at the end the following morning, THAT person doesn't leave feedback , probably thinking he or she left it in a more personal way. And that's fine. AS to your responsce rate, I find that you have to respond to every message even the one saying (Thanks) after your initial reply or you'll drop in rating. It seems nuts and even anoying but lobb the ball back to each WS email server posting or you'll get dinged.   Good luck hosting and getting feedback, but it's sort of a "you first" sort of deal.

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